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Effortlessly create your own job board utilizing WordPress – Know the steps involved

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Have you ever wondered what websites like Job.ProBlogger, Monster, WP Hired and Elance have in common? Well, there is no prize for guessing but they are all job board sites, which have gained increasing popularity in their respective fields. Previously, a few years back, designing and building an online job portal was indeed costly and also a time-consuming affair. But nowadays, with the technological advancements and thanks to software programs like WordPress that creating a job board has become way easier than before. Not only has it become easier, but it has also got cheaper. Therefore, this gives rise to the number of designers who are eager to know about the ways in which you can create a job board by utilizing WordPress.

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A detailed look into the ways

As with various things, there’s not a single way of creating a job board with WordPress but if you streamline some of the main ways, there are 2 ways of doing it:

  • Utilizing a plugin that incorporates the theme of your selection and
  • Utilizing an out-and-out WordPress theme

Check out the list of WordPress plugins and themes that you can use in order to add a job board to your WordPress site.

  1. Job Engine: Job Engine is an exclusive job board theme that has been created by Engine Themes. This theme can be used more for job posts, but you can even make a Professional Profile where you can easily create your job profile, add your photo, upload your CV and watch out for future prospects in accordance with your skills. Simple Interface, easy to monetize and set up, effective designing tools and payment gateways and email templates are some of the best features of this theme.
  2. WP Job Board Plugin: In case you’re looking for a job board plugin that can do everything alone, WP Job Board Plugin is perhaps the answer. One of the most talked-about features of this site is that it can integrate itself with any WordPress theme. Through the WP Job Board, you can set a control on your job posts, get easy monetization options and syndication of job listing. The price of this job board starts at $97 and you can even get demos of the plugin.
  3. WP Job Manager: WP Job Manager has most of the same features as is listed above. Creating resumes for jobs is easy for the users and you can syndicate job posts from com. This plugin allows users to filter job options, get a preview of the ad, manage profiles and posts and it offers some other add-on features as well.

So, which do you think is better for your WordPress site? A theme or a plugin? Well, the answer largely depends on what exactly you wish to create. When you’re starting from the scratch, a theme would be perfect, but if you already have set up, plugins would be better for you.

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