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Infographic: Protect Your Laptop from Damage & Disaster

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Like many other electronic items, your laptop did not come cheap and was probably only purchased after plentiful consideration over which was the best to buy. In other words, it’s a quite valuable and important item to have in your possession, but for some, it’s not so valuable and important as to take all reasonable actions to prevent it from being destroyed. There are so many ways in which a laptop can easily be damaged (possibly beyond repair) through sheer neglect, naivety or carelessness.

Bracken Foam Fabricators (, an Irish company which manufactures foam products for computers, amongst other items, created this infographic highlighting how your laptop can be damaged and what to do to fix it if the worst happens. Dropping it on the ground and spilling liquids on it are two of the most common causes of damage, but even instances such as pets stepping on it, trying to shove a cable into the incorrect socket, or leaving it near extremes of heat or cold can cause lasting damage. Another all too familiar tale of woe is slapping the monitor on top of the keyboard without realizing that there’s earphones on the keyboard which could well have shattered your monitor when you shut it so forcefully.

Even the most careful of us are not immune from laptop disasters, so it is a good idea to get it insured. This infographic compares the insurance policies of eight leading laptop manufacturers to give you an idea of what to expect should the situation require. When considering a laptop insurance policy, find out what items come as standard and what you will need to purchase additionally. Also, make sure that you know exactly how much it will cost altogether (there can be shipping costs) and for how long the warranty is valid.

Be mindful the next time you’re tempted to carry your laptop by one hand, enjoy a cup of coffee while using it or shove/drag cables into or out of it venomously. All of these, and more, can ultimately ruin your laptop, either temporarily or forever.

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