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Infographic: Smart Appliances & the Kitchen of Tomorrow

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With many technologies, there may be staunch initial resistance in some quarters but, as the technology becomes increasingly abundant to the stage where failing to adopt it is no longer an option, ultimately even its fiercest detractors are won over. Sometimes, the technological wave just cannot be held back. It happened with mobile phones. It happened with laptop computers. It looks set to happen with smart kitchens.

Pennywell (, an Irish manufacturer of worktops and countertops, created this infographic which explores the concept of smart kitchen technology and how it is set to rethink the ways in which we perform our kitchen-based duties. Six years ago, the smart kitchen appliance market had a value of $40 million. That figure has increased more than 20-fold since then and is projected to exceed $26 billion by the end of 2019. Last year alone, sales of smart washers reached $3.54 billion, with smart refrigerators achieving $2.69 billion in sales.

The potential of smart appliances is massive. Smart fridges enable users to check the content of the fridge without even having to open it, or if you’re out of the house, and will even suggest recipes and meal plans for each member of the family based in their dietary habits. Smart dryers are energy efficient in that they automatically switch off the second that your clothes are dried, while smart ovens will automatically gauge cooking times for recipes.

Within the next few years, the smart kitchen is set to become a common feature in households both new and old. You’ll be able to control your cooker from your smartphone while out and about, dry wash clothes and crockery to reduce water usage and grow vegetables in our kitchens using an urban cultivator. You could even produce your own food with a 3D printer, as NASA has done for its astronauts.

Smart kitchens are on the rise and if you don’t have one already, chances are you’ll want one soon enough. Check out the infographic below for a beginner’s lowdown on the concept of the smart kitchen, which before long could be a feature in your home.

kitchen app

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