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Three Reasons Why A/B Testing Is Essential

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In the world of digital marketing, there are few things more important than cold hard results. The number one method that marketers use to test these results is A/B testing.

Whether you have built a marketing campaign that you feel has the opportunity to be successful, or would like to see which of a range of strategies will work better, A/B testing allows you to do just that. To give you an even better idea as to why it is so important, here is a look at a few reasons why A/B testing is essential.

A/B Testing

As the number of possible tests for even simple software components is practically infinite, all software testing uses some strategy to select tests that are feasible for the available time and resources. As a result, software testing typically attempts to execute a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs. The job of testing is an iterative process as when one bug is fixed, it can illuminate other, deeper bugs, or can even create new ones.

Software testing can be conducted as soon as executable software exists. The overall approach to software development often determines when and how testing is conducted. For example, in a phased process, most testing occurs after system requirements have been defined and then implemented in testable programs. In contrast, under an Agile approach, requirements, programming, and testing are often done concurrently.

You Don’t Really Know Until You Test

You may have done all the research and studying of your customer base that is humanly possible in an attempt to put together a marketing campaign that will knock it out of the park. If you have done this, chances are you will have come up with something that will at least be successful at some level.

But how do you really know just how successful it will be? Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that the only way to know whether what you are doing is working is by testing.

Instant Adaption

Possibly the greatest advantage of A/B testing is that it opens the door for instant adoption and flexibility. If you plan on running a month-long A/B test related to a specific landing page for your business, you do not have to spend that entire month using the same page for A and B if you quickly discover that one page is blowing the other out of the water.

In these scenarios, you can easily switch the secondary page to another option and get started with another test. This flexibility allows you to tweak your copy on an ongoing basis in an effort to eventually put out marketing that delivers the highest possible conversion rates.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Just like in sport, when numbers are studied over a significant period of time, they almost never lie. With this in mind, having the ability to test and put numbers behind your marketing efforts is the only way to tell for sure whether what you are doing is more effective than what you were doing before.

With the use of numbers, you take all the guesswork out of many of the questions that you may have related to bringing in and converting customers. Should your landing page copy be long or short? Should you add an early bird discount for the product you are about to launch? Should you put graphics on your landing page? These are all things that can be tested to the point where numbers can tell you the whole story and make your decision for you.

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