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45% of the App sessions on smartphones are games

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 It is now known that 45% of the App sessions on smartphones are games. There are many reasons why this is the case today. For one thing, while people are going to use apps for all sorts of things today, when people use apps for recreation, those apps are usually going to be games by definition. There’s also the fact that there are just so many games available today. With the seemingly countless games available now, it really is not surprising that 45% of the App sessions on smartphones are games.

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People today do play lots of games at websites like the site. Apps are downloaded off of the Google Play store with alarming frequency. However, it should be noted that one of many reasons why 45% of the App sessions on smartphones are games is that games are often easy to use, and people really have few upper limits when it comes to downloading games. They might be limited by their emotional resources, their energy levels, and the amount of time that they can allot to games. However, other than that, people can keep on playing and downloading all sorts of games until they’re bored. With all of the games available everywhere from the Google Play store to the website, the odds of people actually getting bored are very low.

With some apps, people are really only going to need so many of them. No one needs a lot of apps that function as alarm clocks, for instance. One of them is going to suffice. Even for more educational apps, when people find the right one, they’re usually going to stick to it. Choosing another one is going to mean that they weren’t satisfied with the first one for whatever reason. However, the situation with games is completely different. People usually play games for fun, and people want to have as much fun as they can cram into their busy schedules. Online games don’t take all that much time to play, so even the people who only have an hour to play them in a given day are going to be able to play a relatively high number of them.

Of course, one of the other reasons why 45% of the App sessions on smartphones are games is the rising trend towards gamification. People are now using games to teach themselves everything from computer repair to coding. Some people are even turning self-help and fitness into games, and these games are technically going to be included in the statistic involving the percentage of app sessions that involve games. People should not make any of assumptions about games and why people might be playing them, given the versatility of all online games in this day and age.

The casino games at the are going to be very different from a lot of the cheap games that people can find on the Googly Play store, and people are going to get a lot of enjoyment out of both categories.

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