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How Casinos use Analytics Data to Drive Decisions

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There’s no doubt that the brick and mortar casino makes use of data analytics in order to drive decisions, but what about online casinos? What can online casinos do with the information provided by their players in order to increase their revenue and promote player loyalty?

Data analytics can be used by both physical casinos as well as online casinos to create highly specific player-focused marketing campaigns that are perfectly tailored for each customer in the casino’s database.

Let’s discuss some practical ways that data analytics is used by physical and online casinos in order to drive decisions that aim to lead to increased revenue and player loyalty.

Analytics Data

The Physical Casino

With the brick and mortar casino, something as seemingly simple as floor planning can lead to significant losses in potential revenue and player loyalty.

Physical casino operators have massive amounts of data on their patrons, with everything from their personal information featured on their customer player card to their gambling game choices and room and restaurant preferences.

This information can be used to discover trends and hidden marketing opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.

When deciding which gambling machines to replace or keep, data can be used to show which machines are the most popular and which have been left to gather dust.

Personalised freebies can be provided to patrons as incentives to promote loyalty. Providing a free meal to their favourite restaurant, for example, can be a great incentive that encourages the customer to return the following month.

Providing a free chip offer or tailored email promotions based on preferences will lead to a higher chance of the campaign being successful, leading to increased revenue as a whole.

Casinos can also use data analytics to notice slight changes in customer behaviour that may otherwise have been missed. For example, if a loyal customer decides to cash in all their loyalty points, perhaps this could mean that they are dissatisfied with their latest casino experience.

This kind of personalisation can go a long way in dealing with disgruntled customers, which could play an important part in retaining their loyalty.

The Online Casino

While online casinos don’t have the same advantage of massive amounts of data, the information that they receive can still be used to drive decisions and create tailored marketing strategies that can enhance player loyalty and overall revenue.

Besides personal account information, online casinos also receive data that identifies which games you enjoy playing the most. They also have access to the amount of money you have deposited into your account and the number of times that you have made a deposit.

This data can be used to provide you with personalised incentives, urging you to return. Providing free spins for your favourite online slot, or exciting bonuses for your favourite games can quickly transform you from an online casino tourist to a loyal customer.

While many online casinos offer welcoming bonuses to pull you in, through personalised email promotions, they’re able to keep you coming back for more.

Data can also be used to discover which games are most popular. Once the top games are identified, online casinos will explore why these games are so popular and use that information to drive their future decisions.

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