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How to Create a Simple WordPress Blog?

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The trend of having a blog is increasing among the people these days. The daily increasing use of the internet makes it more important to showcase your online presence. It is one of the most effective ways to reach the maximum number of audience at a single point of time. A Blog provides you a medium to present your views to the online world, Promote your business or even a chance to earn some money.

WordPress is by far the most used blogging platform at the present time. WordPress is an open Source content Management System, which is available for everyone to use for free. It is a feature rich platform which can be used to create a fully functional website or a blog. Even a person who is not aware of the technology or coding can easily create his blog easily with WordPrees. This is its standout feature which makes it the first choice for the bloggers and the developers.

Why Choose WordPrees to Create a Blog?

WordPress is a featureful CMS which enables you to create a blog in no time. It is currently the most popular Content Management System. It empowers 22% of the new websites being created. It is very user-friendly and it is supremely easy to manage a WordPress website or a blog. Neither it requires any specific software or hardware installs nor any special coding skills to create a WordPress Blog.

How To Create a WordPress Blog?

As we have already read that it is very easy to create a wordPress blog. Now we will see the step by step process of creating a WordPress Blog:

1. Hosting Service and Domain Name

domain wordpress

The first step in order to set up a self-hosted blog is to choose a reliable web host and an attractive domain name. To build the online asset you need to own the domain name and host it yourself. A number of web hosting companies provide the hosting services with their customized hosting packages. You need to choose a web host very wisely as it will play a vital role in the success of your online presence. The web host you choose must be reliable and should provide all the latest features with an easy to use control panel.

After choosing the domain name and the hosting service, sign up for the hosting account. It is a simple process like the general sign up form you fill on any social media platform. You need to provide the domain name and your personal details with the Email id you want to associate with the account.

2. Install WordPress

install WordPress blog

It is a task of just a few clicks. Most of the web hosts provide the one-click installation feature to make it ultra simple for you.

Just log on to your hosting account.

Scroll Down to the WordPress icon and click on it.

It will take you to a new page with the install button.

Click on install. It will lead you to a new page

Choose the domain on which you want to install the WordPrees. Click on ‘Check Domain’ Here

Next screen will show you the Advanced Options. Here you can set your own user name and password for the WordPress.

Click on the Terms and Conditions checkbox after reading them.

Click on “Install Now”

You are through to the installation and you can log in to the WordPrees dashboard using your username and password.

3. Choose a Theme

add theme

Once you have done with the installation, next step is to activate a theme for your blog. There are a number of free themes you can choose from. You can also go for some premium paid themes according to your needs. 

Go to your WordPress dashboard. 

Click on Appearance and then on Themes

Browse the WordPrees theme library to find a theme that suits your blog. You can check how any theme will look by clicking on “Live Preview”. When you have choosen a theme just click on “Activate”.

4. Add Widgets

add widgets

A widget enhances the functionality and design of your blog. Most commonly used widgets are email subscription form, categories, Archives etc. You can easily add the widgets to your blog by simple drag-drop method. 

Click on The “Appearance” in the menu bar.

Click on “Widgets”

Choose the desired Widgets and drag them from the left side of the page and drop on the right side boxes one by one.

5. Publish your First Post

publish post wordpress

Go to the menu bar.

Click on the “Posts”

Select “ Add New ” to add the post.

Start writing your post. You can insert the links in your post. According to new WordPrees update, just highlight the text and Use Ctrl+K to insert an inline link. After completing the post you can check how it will actually look by clicking on Preview. Once you are done with the writing and happy with the preview click on the “Publish” button.

Congratulations, you have published your first post on your very own blog. You may further enhance your WordPrees Blog for any additional functionality and SEO using different plugins. WordPress provides you the flexibility to use plugins for any advanced features you need on your blog. It is amazingly easy to create your own blog with WordPrees, all you need to do is just follow the above simple steps given. It does not require any hard coding skills to create a blog using WordPress.

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