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Five Local SEO Tips to Help Customers Locate Your Business

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The Worldwide Web is a big place, so it is important that your company’s website is geared toward helping you find local customers. If you own a small brick and mortar business, attracting attention from web searchers in Hong Kong is not effective for helping increase your foot traffic and sales. To help target customers, here are five search engine optimisation tips for attracting local searchers.

Local SEO

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Use Targeted Search Terms

If the keywords or search terms that are used on your website are too broad, they will not help local searchers find your business. It is better to use targeted terms that indicate your company’s geographical region to better your chances of attracting local customers. So, instead of using a term like ‘pizza restaurants in West Yorkshire’, you would use ‘pizza restaurants in Leeds’ to narrow your focus to the local area.

Information Should Be Consistent

To ensure a high search ranking, your business information needs to be used consistently wherever it is posted online. This includes using the same business citation, which is your business’ name, address, and phone number (NAP) on your website, local directories, and your social media profiles. Even inconsistencies in punctuation can affect search rankings because the different listings will not be recognised as the same one by web crawlers.

Create Different Landing Pages

If you have more than one location in Leeds, digital marketing companies like Ascensor will design separate landing pages for each location. SEO techniques can be used to narrow searches for each separate location so customers find the pizza restaurant closest to their homes when they want to have dinner delivered to them. Ensure that NAP is used consistently on the landing pages and everywhere else is it published for each location.

Use Responsive Web Design

This allows the website to automatically adjust to the screen size of the device accessing the site. With more searchers using their mobiles or tablet PCs to search for the products they want, it is important that your local strategy includes mobile search.

Network with Local Companies

To help generate links and help with local SEO, you need to network with local companies that sell complementary products. So, if your company sells sporting goods, then you can seek out local fitness centres, sporting apparel stores, and other sports-related companies with whom to exchange links on your website. By doing so, you will expand your reach, which in turn can help drive more traffic to your website.

It is important to use techniques to help narrow web searches so your customers can find your business when they are looking for the types of products or services it offers. It doesn’t do your business, or potential customers, any good to be directed to a website in Brooklyn, NY when they want pizza delivered in your neighbourhood. Optimising your site for local search can help increase your company’s revenues.

This article explains ways website owners can ensure exposure to local customers. Many businesses operate within a certain region or nation. Hence, it is imperative that businesses are able to attract potential customers looking to buy products or services in the areas where a business has a presence. There are several SEO based methods to use in order to ensure that domains are found easily in relevant local searches, link with associated regional or local directories and others.

There are useful Search Engine Optimization Training & Certification courses that one can take up in order to make use of meaningful techniques of SEO for website marketing. Without the right techniques and methods, a targeted online presence takes a long time to build. This in turn can lead to losses for an online business. In order to see effective results soon after a website is launched, using localised domain marketing techniques will help a website owner see visible results soon.


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