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FREE Android app: Accounting English

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Contablets, is the first computer system to process the business, government, agricultural, financial accounting, either with or without profit. Especially for Android, and works on smart phones, tablets and smartphones, also through BlueStacks, Contablets works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Designed for touch screens, but also works with mouse action.

Android app

It conforms to the accounting for any type of business, government or financial, to any existing accounting field, and anywhere in the world. Do not hang up, the database is flexible and indestructible. An agile, native Java Android.Se system has invested in processing speed and protect data even when saturation of the Android OS, turn off or restart the device.

Its agreed with the International Accounting Standards NICs, and includes PDF as consultation, so that makes an application for assistance and consultation. Very useful for researchers and Auditors. Adaptable to entities that are scattered in the world or have agencies in several countries, each taking control of their own accounting, and facilitates consolidation of all information sharing via email.

Accounting includes planning as a workspace for recording those concepts that will organize the movement, allowing the creation, modification and deletion of:

  • Structure of the accounting code up to 20 levels of analysis and up to 10 digits per level
  • Accept all models of the Accounting Plan of any country in the world
  • Accept all types of accounts and created to be created
  • Accept all types of business transactions
  • Accept all accounting mechanisms defined in the NICs
  • Accept all types of countable documents
  • Accept all existing financial statements, enabling the financial statement item relates to one or more financial accounts, for consolidation of accounts
  • Accept multiple independent movement register units within a company. Either detail or just as accrued and consolidate trial balances
  • Allows to extract a copy the database to the mobile downloads folder, and then to transfer it to Google Drive, or USB to the PC, Mac or Linux
  • You can return the database to Contablets, after being purified by a SQLite Browser 3.7 or higher

Download FREE Android app: Accounting English

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