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How to Give a Massive Boost to Your Productivity as a Software Developer?

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As is true for any manufacturing process, the software development process is filled with inadequacies and inefficiencies. This results in slackened productivity and erodes the competitive advantage of a particular organization. The net productivity of an organization is a cumulative summation of the productivity of its employees. So if you are a software developer in need of some motivation and pep talk this is absolutely the place you should be right now. With the help of Softarex development company, we are about to take you on a journey which will unfurl the ways to boost your productivity.

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1. Keep all your mail checks for the last

Many people have the habit of checking mails the first thing in the morning. They usually reason by stating that most of the instructions for the day and other important feedbacks from previous day’s work are sent via emails. This is true. But aren’t you in the company to create something new? Won’t the previous day’s work, hundreds of invoices and meeting minutes dampen your creative mojo? So we say, keep emails for the lunch break. Dedicate your first few hours for fresh task.

2. Say “bye bye” to social butterfly

If you want to remain productive inside the office amidst all the chaos you have to be somewhat asocial. If you do not want to appear rude, simply use a pair of headphones. Pretend to listen to something. This always sends the signal that either you are busy listening to something or you are not up for conversations. Put your phone on silent mode and let your voice mail handle your calls. And do not forget to log out of Facebook from your office comp!

3. Keep a To-Do list

This one’s easy. Just jot down all your goals, tasks and aspirations for the next day on a piece of paper. Put it in your pocket and tick off tasks one by one the next day as you finish them. Keeping a list of things to do not only helps you achieve small term goals that also help you to feel positive about your productivity at the end of the day. A complete To-Do list is like a testimony of productivity for anyone working in the software development sector.

4. Prioritize, organize, customize

So, as we have seen already, emails are not the first thing you need to check on a work day. So what should be your first task? Talking to your seniors? Waiting for feedbacks? Taking a look at fresh work? To avoid any kind of confusion and to find a set rhythm in your work you can always make the To-Do list with custom priority settings. Including coffee breaks and multiple sessions which will help you create something awesome!

5. What is this thing called automation?

If you are a software developer you need to automate. In fact, you need to automate like there is no other option left in this world. This is a must-have in anyone’s productivity toolbox. Now there are a few tasks which can be easily automated and these include tasks like completing a full application build with one click. Come one guys, there is actually no point losing sleep over mundane tasks like deploying to servers using a single script!

6. You need to forego your love of meetings

If you have been taught in school that attending meetings makes you more productive, this is the time to forget that lesson. In corporate environment meetings are the perfect poison for creativity and productivity. So what is the best way to go about them?

  • Keep them for late afternoons when productivity runs absolutely low.
  • Keep strict end time for the meetings. Do not let them drag.
  • Stay on topic. Do not let people carry you away from your area of focus.
  • And finally, for all the trouble you have already taken; do not leave the room without concrete solutions.

7. All work no play makes jack a dull boy

This much preached concept is somewhat cliché by now, but that does not make it untrue. You need to balance out your work and play schedule. Say you are working for 45 minutes at a stretch; you should reward yourself with a 15 minutes break to refresh yourself.

  • Take a short walk
  • Rest your eyes on some real greenery
  • Play with the office pet
  • Have a refreshing cup of green tea.

Science says, 8 minutes is the longest we can hold our concentration, so if you have worked over 45 minutes, you definitely deserve a break.

8. Work is not a memory game

Make it a habit to jot everything down. From simple instructions given over the phone to a bill you need to clear next day everything should be written down in one place. Do not make your desk a post-it art center, they are good to look at but have next to nil utility. Keep your desk clean, jot things down in a journal or a notepad or your tablet which you can access 24×7 from any place. Make lists, give dates, put serial numbers according to priority to make your everyday work and life a lot easier.

9. Determine your “zone” and your “flow”

If you have been coding for some time now, you know what we are talking about. It is that peaceful trance-like state that facilitates the “flow” of codes that keep gushing out like a fresh stream. If you have experience the “flow” then you will definitely agree that almost 90 percent of all good work you have done was done during one of those flows. You must have also noticed there are certain factors which put you in this “zone”s of maximum productivity. It is your everyday task now to figure these factors out and generate such zones which will help you code like a maniac.

So there it is, a few simple tips to help you attain maximum productivity. In fact, these tips can also be applied to personal aspects of your life if you are looking for a little organization and a lot of positivity.

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