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Infographic: The IT Manager’s Guide to Securing Your Cloud

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Cloud computing has become a common practice in the business world. With a growing expectation on workers to be on call around the clock, it is increasingly likely that they will need to be able to access work-related data from outside the office. Thanks to cloud computing technology, people can now access critical files while at home or in transit, instead of constantly needing to be at their desk.

However, as with many operations, which run over a network, there can easily be security issues with cloud technology. Research from LinkedIn shows that as many as 63% of businesses have expressed concerns about the possibility of unauthorized access to their cloud, with almost half of businesses believing that fears over security act as an impediment to adopting cloud storage.

This infographic from Exigent Networks (, an Irish provider of network connectivity solutions, recommends five core activities that businesses with cloud technology should practice to maximize the security of their cloud. The first, and most obvious, of these is to create strong passwords. That may seem like common sense, but the simple truth is that so many businesses fail to use passwords that are beyond the guessing powers of hackers intent on accessing sensitive information.

After that, the IT policy makers must conduct an audit of all apps and devices connected to the cloud, removing any which are not recognized or no longer used, and also analyze all files within the cloud to ensure that the most critical files are encrypted and backed up elsewhere. When it comes to selecting a cloud provider, take the time to check how much access the provider grants themselves to your data. It is also a good idea to distribute your files across several providers. That way, if one gets hacked, only the files in that account will be affected.

Businesses are right to have some level of apprehension over cloud security, but if they are sensible and make all the right moves in making their cloud as secure as possible, the likelihood of being hacked pales in comparison with the many significant benefits of cloud computing.

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