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On the Move A lot? You Need These Mobile Business Productivity Apps!

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There are a lot of apps out there and a lot of enterprise level apps that claim to be top of the range, but very few are. While some large companies are developing their own custom versions, most small and medium size businesses simply cannot afford to justify the expense for something that is not entirely crucial, but would help with staff productivity.

The Brighton School of Business and Management has put together this illustrated infographic which highlights the best of the bunch. Have you ever found yourself out on the road but needing to submit an expense report for a looming deadline? You cannot get to the office to do so but would love a remote access option? There is a great app for that and it is called Expensify. In fact it is so good that is has in excess of 2.5 million users worldwide. Not bad right?

What about the very pesky issue of remote email access? We have all been there. We remote access log in to a system that is third rate and does not allow us to access what we want or how we want it easily. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user then Outlook for Mobile is the app for you. It is essentially mobile email that works on any device, with any email account. Sounds too good to be true? We would have thought so too but its developers Accompli sold it to Microsoft for $200 million dollars so it definitely works!

How about data privacy and security? Major issues now more than ever in this age of regular cyber-attacks and more informed hackers than ever before. If passwords are an issue for you, 1Password is the app of choice for you. It stores everything in a vault which is completely secure and protected by one master password. Absolutely worth checking out. How about arranging meetings remotely? Bit of a nightmare right? Download GoToMeeting and awkward meeting scheduling will be a thing of the past. Need to get everyone on the same page? For your project management needs Trello is the app to seek out. It is great for delegating team work and keeping everything on track.

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