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What Should We Expect From Gaming In The Future?

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This is an incredibly difficult question to answer because what we imagined some years ago has already been achieved and surpassed. It is quite difficult to analyze the future of gaming, especially now as we see big companies being involved and professional gaming being in the eyes of the media. Gaming evolved much more than we expected, with huge games like GTA 6 and League Of Legends bringing in billions of dollars.

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Technology is evolving at a really fast pace. Based on information offered by Something Cool, we expect new technologies being developed for everything related from 2D games to Facebook games. What will we see in the future? Here is what we already know.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual devices like Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift we now have access to something that is truly of huge potential. Facebook owns Oculus and Sony owns Morpheus. We basically talk about devices that are capable of offering a brand new gaming experience. The player basically uses the device in order to interact with what happens in the gaming world. People end up being able to experience dancing, shooting, running, walking and even flying with a huge level of reality.

Gesture Recognizing Devices

The best example of such a device is the highly publicized Leap Motion. The focus in this case is not put on virtual reality, as many think. These are basically devices that allow the gamer to interact with various items that exist in the game. This is normally done through the use of hand gestures. You end up with great experiences that are wonderful in much more than gaming. This is also useful in working.

Online Gaming Will Grow

Ever since online gaming appeared, it evolved at a huge speed. This is surely going to continue in the near future. We have various platforms that are quickly gaining popularity, like Steam. Google Play, the Appstore and many others led towards a huge increase in mobile gaming, which is also connected to online gaming. Google Glass and similar devices basically make everything even more interesting, leading towards what is known as Augmented Reality gaming at the moment.

Better Gaming Technology

While it is quite obvious that new gaming devices are appearing, the speed at which this happens is much higher than in the past. We will surely see better video cards and much more in the near future. We expect to see better graphics, a better use of audio cards and huge advantages offered through some options like vibration technology.


The future of gaming will highly be connected with the internet and with the new technology that will be developed. We will see more people playing games and an increase in the number of professional gamers as people from all around the world are now interested in watching games through streaming or even on TV. On the whole, while we cannot say what will be the future of gaming, it is a certainty that it will be even more impressive than it is at the moment.

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