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5 steps to make your tech blog really popular

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We live in the XXI century and what was previously done with pen and paper, now is possible to implement in the Internet. For example, you can tell more information about your business or product via blog and in such way increase your customers’ loyalty.

Tech blog can become an effective tool for attracting attention to your company. It can be used to increase the customer base and to provide target audience with information about your products. But there is a huge work from website creation to its promotion.

Create a Content Plan

5 steps to make your tech blog successful

  1. Use search services to create a blog. Read the reviews on the Internet, talk to experienced people on tech forums, see examples of tech resources created through special services, find out possible disadvantages and advantages. Then select the service to create a tech blog which is more acceptable for you.
  2. Define your goals. Doing tech blog is long-term liabilities: the investment of time, energy and efforts. As soon as you stop to update tech blog and to share relevant information, customers will lot their interest. Therefore, from the very beginning ask yourself the following questions:
  3. Why am I doing this?
  4. What do I want to get from a blog?
  5. What will my audience receive from it?

Perhaps you want to increase sales or number of customers, to create a business and the face of the brand, or even write a book about tech. Depending on what you need, you will develop a content plan. Beware of vague categories, your goals should be detailed.

  1. Write. After you finished with the content plan, it’s time to pay attention to content. What you will share with the readers depends on your objectives and target audience. It can be:
  • Research dedicated to behavior of customers, information about the tech industry and its dynamics, amazing changes, trends and updates in niche.
  • Opinions about the news. If you see an interesting story that somehow regard to the tech industry, provide readers with your thoughts about it. Stick to the facts, but do not be afraid to express your point of view.
  • Product reviews about recently released phones or a long-known tech products with some innovations. Testing will take some time, but the information will be useful for your readers, which will give you additional traffic, new subscribers and clients.
  1. Determine the frequency of publications. Consistency is the basic feature of tech blogging. You need to fix readers’ expectations and to adhere to a reasonable schedule. How much time do you want to devote to creating valuable content? How many posts can you write, not forcing yourself to sit behind copy at night? The main thing is not the frequency, but regularity. If you stop break own terms, people can get tired of waiting for new content, and they will never return to the pages of your tech blog. In addition, information should be a useful and well-decorated, but remember if you force yourself to write frequently, it can badly affect the quality of materials.
  2. Promote your blog. Once you have published a copy, you have a lot of work. Now you need to convey information to the widest audience. The Content marketing institute found 35 ways to increase tech blog’s popularity. We will mention some of them:
  • to use guest posting services;
  • to use all the features of social networks.
  • to attach your blog URL to your signature in the email-message;
  • to use keywords.

These 5 main steps will help you to increase the popularity of your blog on the early stage of its development. So go ahead!

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Melissa Reinhardt is a passionate blogger and journalist. She’s also an experienced marketer and has been working in this sphere for more than 5 years. Now she’s consulting, content marketing company Luckyposting and some other marketing agencies.

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