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Be Amateur, Look Pro With These Web Development Tools

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A lot of designers are intimidated by the fact that they wouldn’t be able to compete with pros. While someone who’s been in the profession for long will undoubtedly have more knowledge and experience, that however, does not mean that an amateur cannot trump them.

If you are new to website developing and designing, you can still steer ahead of the pros by being smart and working diligently. We sourced for you 10 brilliant resources that not just give you an upper hand, cutting down on your time and effort and making the entire process easier, but some of these are also great learning materials.

If you want to become a pro yourself and leave the press behind, you need to up your game and these resources will help you do just that and so much more!

Bootcamp Bundle of Powerful CMS – WordPress


With 74,650,000 websites working on WordPress and counting, there’s no denying that this CMS has strengthened its foothold in the digital world. Web developers and designers should understand this in depth if they want to lure in a good chunk of the clients who prefer WordPress.

This tutorial is a holistic bunch of all-things WordPress. Whether you want to understand the basics or go into the niche by gaining more knowledge of WordPress in terms of e-commerce websites or the responsiveness of it, the tutorial has you covered.

Plus, it also has an extra tutorial on SEO, this will equip you with what’s required to reach the first page of Google and then shoot right to the top.

Beautiful & Responsive WordPress Themes


Responsiveness isn’t just the buzzword in the website developing and designing the world, it’s an unofficial mandate now. Whether you look at it from the perspective of reach – more of your customers are now on mobile – or from the standpoint of Google rankings, responsiveness is imperative.

This deal comprises of three amazing responsive themes that come with brilliant features. From adjustable sliders to customized templates and widgets, you are going to love stocking up on these. And you have the choice to cherry-pick three great themes out of 52. So dig right in!

A Cool WordPress Portfolio Plugin

lizatom portfolio

Flaunt it if you got it is the mantra now. And if you are photographers or a designer or an artist, a portfolio plugin will give a major boost to your website. Besides showcasing your work in all its glory, a portfolio plugin will also help you earn gigs.

This plugin is quick and easy to install and is a breeze to customize. Packed with superior features, the plugin does not call for revamping the site in any extensive way. It’s a great addition that will hike up the aesthetics of your site while putting your hard work at the forefront.

100s of Attractive Business Flyers

Portfolio Plugin

Businesses need all the visibility they can. You can make an amazing website, write brilliant content, but sometimes it gets hard to be noticed. If you are designing a flyer for a business event or in general to attract attention, it’s a great move provided you do it right.

Here’s a bunch of 100 business flyer templates that are eye-catching and fully customizable. You can change the layout, images, and text. Whether you want to send these in a mail or get them printed, these business flyers promise good visibility and traction.

Stunning HTML5 Templates from TemplateMonster

HTML5 Templates

Building a website is easy these days but building one that actually gets the work done and is worth something is difficult. If you want to do a smart job about it, and speed up your web designing process, you’d love this deal!

We’ve carefully chosen 20 of the best themes on TemplateMonster so you can build powerful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites without breaking a sweat. With cross-browser computability and features like Google maps and fonts, and clean functional sliders, you’d have a field day working!

JavaScript bundle to build Awesome Websites


Interested in learning a programming language or bettering your existing knowledge of it? You cannot consider JavaScript then because it is the most preferred and learned programming language today. Whether you see results of surveys or the actual work, JavaScript is the language to be well-versed in for programmers.

This tutorial is a great bundle to give you good insights into the language. And with 2.5.k people enrolling in just two days, you have to admit it’s definitely worth a shot.

Learn everything from BackboneJS, where you get to know how to work in Backbone with JavaScript, to building web apps in ExpressJS, etc. the tutorial is a holistic bundle.

Amazing Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are indispensable if you are a designer because a majority of websites all over the world now function on WordPress, which means that you’d have to find your way through it more often than you think. But even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge of WordPress, stocking up on themes is where you should start, besides looking into the various tutorials available.

One such bundle of WordPress themes is this pack comprising of 12 stunning and functional themes to help you build amazing websites. The themes are customizable and responsive and are SEO optimized too.

From grungy themes to ones with animated sliders, the assorted mix will help you work easily with multiple projects.

WordPress FrontEnd Builder Plugin

FrontEnd Builder Plugin

Want to be the master of your own website? Want to play around with the thing at the front end but don’t know how to go about it? Here’s a plugin that will put the look and feel of the page in your hands.

Even with no technical knowledge, this plugin helps with creating responsive designs that work. With 51+ content pieces and 12 post modules, the plugin gives you enough room to play around.

Unique Fonts to Empower Your Creative Designs

Unique Fonts

Fonts can do so much for a website without you having to make major changes to it. Get a good set of fonts and you will immediately give your website a facelift. And we don’t get you just one font but a bundle of 9 unique and beautiful fonts that range from hand-drawn to woodblock to vintage retro style.

The eclectic mix ensures you use them for different projects, and each would find a fit complementing and adding on to the layout instead of looking like a hot mess.

An Ultimate Photoshop Wireframing Kit

Boy! Wireframes could sure get messy and if you weren’t diligent and smart enough, you’d be flustered deciding how to undo it. But that’s a thing of the past as we get for you an amazing product that you would be grateful for. Forget messed up wireframes, as this kit is a great boon for designers working a lot with Photoshop.

The kit and its additional accessories will make everything work superbly well for you in the planning stage, which means the execution part comes out great too. Create mockups or work on existing designs, you are going to thank us for taking a chunk of the pressure off of your head!

Which of the deals did you like best? And do you have any word of advice for your fellow designers who are just starting off?

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