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Appodeal Releases SDK for Apple TV Apps

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As the cutting-edge monetization tool in the market, Appodeal is used by multiple businesses to increase revenue by integrating multiple ad networks at once. The brand new software development kit allows app developers to monetize their tvOS apps too.


According to recent revelations, tvOS apps are predicted to become more successful than smartphone or tablet apps in the near future. This is due to the fact that the projected ad eCPM is higher on tvOS apps compared to other alternatives. The fact that people who watch television tend to be involved and are more familiar with advertisements has contributed towards this prediction too.

Ever since Apple TV’s introduction in 2007, Apple Inc. has managed to sell 37 million units. This tvOS apps are different from the regular iPhone or iPad app. The features of the TV app are particularly originated due to the distinctiveness of a TV screen. Apart from being visually larger, the advertisements shared in these apps are more lucid and responsive as well. The apps are not limited by regular mobile advertising restrictions such as confined screen space. This enables advertisers to design full-screen ads that are interactive and captivating. As a result, the lack of limitations allows app developers to monetize tvOS apps successfully.

With the help of Appodeal, it is now possible for app developers and publishers to transfer ads from ad networks like Applovin and Spotxchange into tvOS. These advertisements can be 30-second skippable and non-skippable videos. It is also possible to create rewarded video ads, which are advertisements that reward watchers with incentives.

This app also permits publishers to broadcast the ads of their tvOS apps on users’ iPhone and iPad apps as well. This cross-promotion enables the publisher to encourage loyal customers to visit and utilize the new platform.

Appodeal is a tool that is created for developers by developers. The software development kit of this tool only includes 10 lines of code, and has the capacity to integrate in under 60 minutes. Appodeal utilizes this digital market to maximize the revenue of the apps. Through a single account and software development kit, this tool gives access to publishers to advertise their displays on more than 30 ad networks. Since Appodeal picks the most profitable ads on behalf of the publishers, app publishers experience increased revenue and reduced loss of time during their advertising efforts.

Appodeal does not charge any mediation fees. It offers its clients a monthly payment option through a number of reliable payment methods such as PayPal, WebMoney, Bank Wire, and Bitcoin. Such convenient transaction methods enable customers to make the payments quickly and safely.

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