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Businesses That Have Dramatically Changed Due to the Internet

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Although we did survive without it for more than a millennium, it is impossible to image a life without the internet. The World Wide Web has changed our culture drastically and the business sector is no exception to this transformation. A number of business industries have gone through unthinkable changes after the inception of the internet and therefore will never ever be the same. The following are some such industries that have been extraordinarily revamped by the internet.


Retail Business

Before a few decades, the scope of any business was limited to the geographical location of its storefront. But thanks to the internet, now it is possible for retailers to sell their products to a global audience. Due to the existence of corporate business platforms, consumers can shop online. Internet shopping has not only improved the profitability of retailed businesses, but it has enabled the companies to enhance their reputation on an international scale as well. Amazon, eBay and Alibaba are some reliable online retail providers you need to check out.

The Entertainment Industry

After the arrival of the internet, libraries and CD stores have been deserted since you can easily download any movie or book on your computer or phone. The impact on the gambling industry is an excellent example of how the internet has revolutionized the field of entertainment. There is no need for you to travel or Vegas or Monte Carlo, since you can make your bet and fill your pocket from your home itself. Similar to a physical casino, most online gambling sites offer lucrative bonuses and improved odds for online gambling enthusiasts. For example, at M88 you can get deals regarding poker games and betting games. Check it out to see for yourself.

Travel & Tourism

This is yet another sector that has gone through substantial changes due to increased online consumer behavior. The internet has altered the way this industry operates in two ways. Firstly, people have become more vigilant about their travels due to the unlimited availability of information online. It is possible for both domestic and international tourists to do their personal research via the internet. Moreover, the internet has enabled you to put your own tour package together. There is no need to hire a travel agent since it is possible for you to make the necessary bookings all by yourself. The next time you are going on a vacation, use the information on unbiased sites such as TripAdvisor, Travelocity and Agoda to travel safely and cheaply.

The Marketing Industry

After the introduction of the internet, marketers are no longer interested in print media strategies. Since the scope of the target market has been expanded due to the internet, marketing professionals have been influenced to come up with strategies that have higher success rates. This need has led to the creation of revolutionary marketing techniques such as search engine and social media marketing. These methods enable businesses to enhance their brand reputation, promote their products and increase their customer base all by simply increasing their online presence. The use of online platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter has enabled the marketing industry to achieve better results at a lower cost.

Of course, the internet has affected these businesses in a negative way as well. The increased number of online business has enhanced the competition in these fields to a significant extent. However, it is evident that such challenges are easily outweighed by the business benefits that have been showered by the internet.

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