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FreshDesk Integration Apps You Can Use to Track Time Effectively

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FreshDesk is one of today’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software, which paves the way to easier customer management and stabilize relationships. It is considered as a one-stop-shop to help you manage your business’ reports, projects, and/or basically anything you would need to run a successful operation. From marketing to employment management, FreshDesk has been proven efficient.

If you have been using FreshDesk as your main customer relationship management software (CRM), you will be happy to learn that they have several compatible time tracking integrations you can use to accurately measure your team’s production hours.

It has different app integrations that allow any business to communicate with their clients through any channel they prefer whether it be through website chat (Olark), email (Gmail, Mailchimp, etc.), or social media (Facebook, Twitter). FreshDesk can easily convert a message from one channel to a customer ticket which your employees can respond to.

Now, with the integration of time tracking, you can effectively measure the difficulty level of your clients’ concerns. You can easily determine which problems take time resolving and which ones are easy and can be included in your FAQ/troubleshoot page.

Currently, there are 7 time tracking apps you can link with FreshDesk: Billiving, FreshBooks, Harvest, Intuit Quickbooks, TimeDoctor, WorkflowMax, and Xero.

Let’s see how each one differs from one another in this infographic:


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