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Get Rid of Difficulty to Access PST File

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PST is an Outlook data file which stands for personal storage table. It contains your emails, contacts, attachments and other Outlook items. All of PST content is saved on your computer. With the attribute that it is saved on your computer, it lessens the load of a mailbox on mail server. It is also known as easy accessible Outlook file.

Access PST

However, there are circumstances, which makes it difficult to access PST file. Highlighting some of them are as follows:

1) PST File Oversized Problem:

The more items you have in your PST file, the more size it will carry. But, earlier versions of MS Outlook have a limitation in order to store items in PST file. You can store items up to 2 GB in PST file. When PST file surpasses the defined size limit, you may find difficult to access it.


If your computer has Outlook 2003 or higher version, you can rather convert oversized PST files into Outlook 2003. Now you can open PST file as Outlook 2003 supports PST file more than 2 GB size. But, if your computer does not have Outlook 2003 or higher version, you are left with an option of splitting oversized PST into multiple small files.

2) Forget the Password of PST file:

When a PST file is password protected, it always requires login password to open it. But, if you forget the password, you cannot open it.


You can remove the password from PST file in order to access it. Otherwise, you can try PST viewer as it is able to open password protected files.

3) PST File Corruption

Much like other files, PST file tends to get corrupt in critical situations like network error, virus attack, power cut, hardware malfunctioning. When PST file gets corrupt, it prompts an error message and don’t let user to access.


You can execute Scanpst.exe. in MS Outlook to repair the PST file. A PST repair tool can also work in corruption case.

4) MS Outlook is not installed on System

Suppose, you are working on Linux and you get an email with attachment of PST file. Now, you cannot open the PST file since it needs MS Outlook to be available.


In this case nothing can work than PST viewer tool. It is a third-party tool which enables you to open and view PST file without connecting to MS Outlook. It is platform independent application which makes unique way to open PST file. Visit

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