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Online Casino Security Features

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If you were to visit land-based casinos in various countries, you would more than likely enter a security controlled parking area, go through a security check point where any bag you may be carrying is searched either physically or perhaps it may pass through and x-ray device, metal detectors would scan your person for weapons, and if you are young enough you may even be asked to produce an identity document – and only then, and only then, would you be allowed to enter. This is done in such a quick and non-threatening fashion that most of us don’t even give a second thought to any security threats which they possibly uncover from time to time.

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We assume that once inside when we’ve fed our hard earned cash into the machines or exchanged it for chips, that everything is above board and that should we be lucky enough to strike it lucky, our winnings will either go home with us in the form of cash or a cheque, or be transferred directly into our bank accounts

However, when visiting an online casino, how do we know that our transactions are secure and that we won’t be defrauded of our deposits or winnings? One needs to be sure that a professionally designed website and beautiful graphics aren’t a façade for a fraudulent, sinister operation.

The first step definitely lies in choosing the right casino. One only has to look at the current top rated online Casino in India, namely Indio Casino, and all the rigorous testing which they have had to undergo in order to achieve their rating, then one can understand the importance of not making a rash decision when it comes to making your choice. If you were to select a casino which bypassed this type of certification process, then you are taking a massive chance.

If one goes behind the scenes and looks at the various technical aspects of certified casinos, one will notice a few common threads:

  1. Secure online casinos are all licensed by an accredited gaming authority which does all the checks and balances on behalf of the consumer.
  2. They have their own cutting-edge anti-virus protection which protects their software and network against viruses, spyware and malware. Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are also used in order to keep information private and secure.
  3. Information provided by players is kept strictly confidential at all times. All policies are in line with data protection laws of the country within which they operate.
  4. Continuous testing by 3rd party auditing bodies such as eCogra and Technical Systems Testing ensure that not only the casino’s software, but also their random number generator and payouts, are fair and comply to international gaming standards.

At the end of the day the onus lies on you to make the right decision, so if you have a bad feeling, rather trust your instincts and move on. There are a plethora of legitimate online casinos to choose from, so there is no excuse for not making the right choice the first time round.

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