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Pyrus Releases Collaborative Management and Productivity Tool

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Pyrus is a service that has allowed companies around the world to be highly organized, effective, and efficient. This productivity tool has recently been revamped to innovatively streamline management, communication, and task delegation. All administrative and managerial tasks are simplified and convenient with Pyrus, from accounts payable workflows, to team coordination.Pyrus

The new features of the service provides users with an interface closely resembling a traditional e-mail inbox. The difference is that this interface is equipped with features such as group chat, task management, and task tracking. The interface is exclusively designed to be highly user-friendly, so that even the least tech savvy users can navigate it without much effort or doubt.

Most applications that seek to improve on productivity tend to be cumbersome, while others are weighed down by multiple compartmentalized features. Pyrus sets itself apart from such applications by seamlessly integrating communication, task delegation, and tracking features so that managers and employees alike can easily perform optimally with its use.

Big-time companies and small local business alike have already adopted and integrated Pyrus as a core component of their organization’s functioning, and swear by indispensable utility. Over 7,000 institutions worldwide have gotten on the Pyrus bandwagon, and Pyrus’s daily and monthly active user engagement metrics currently exceed 61%. This is a stark indicator of healthy user loyalty to the product, as well of Pyrus’s usefulness.

So what exactly is it that users love about Pyrus? For starters, this tool makes task delegation and tracking easy. The more clearly defined a goal is, the easier it is to accomplish it. The makers of Pyrus have recognized this, so every chat room on the service includes a “task” feature, which users can use to assign responsibilities. Assignees, due dates, and task criteria can be input with each entry made. This provides assignees a clear and concise reference for each job. Additionally, users can communicate on the task’s thread, keeping all necessary parties updated and informed with progress on each task. Once all criteria have been met, the task can be marked complete.

This software is highly useful for all business units in every department. Developers can further extend Pyrus’s utility with writing bots, which can pull data from corporate databases, update records in accounting systems, and provide artificially intelligent functionality to interact with humans in standard customer service enquiries.

Founder and CEO of Pyrus, Max Nalsky, has pointed out that “Pyrus empowers business managers to automate their department workflows without elaborate customization or coding. Spreadsheets are a definitive example of technology enabling non-technical users to solve very challenging problems without advanced math or programming skills. Pyrus aims to bring a similar power to workflow automation.”

Other noteworthy features of this platform include “Smart Inbox”, a single list where all relevant items arrive for each user; automatic inbox organization highlighting items requiring action; tagging options to bring tasks to the attention of necessary personnel; sorting options based on assignee or due date; audit trails with decision reference links; full-text search on task and attachments; cloud storage integration with major providers; native apps with offline capabilities; internal and external team collaboration features; an e-mail-to-task option; and secure downloads and data backup options.

Pyrus actually offers free features that are available for an unlimited number of users, while paid plans with more features start at just $0.16 per user per day. A full range of features is offered with various packages. Pyrus is definitely making waves across the globe, transforming organizations into highly efficient, high functioning forces to be reckoned with.

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