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Strategies and Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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When done correctly, email marketing can increase customer loyalty and generate more revenue in sales. This is an important element of marketing for any company; they allow you to communicate more personally and frequently with your customers. Understanding how to run a successful email marketing campaign is crucial to get the maximum benefits.

Email Marketing

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To plan successful email marketing, the owner must know and understand their audience. They must know the message they want to send. Also, sending all promotional emails can be off-putting to consumers. They desire to know and understand the company they are sporting. When consumers only receive promotional emails, they tend to delete without reading the contents.

It is important for business owners to know their goals for using email marketing. They need to consider what they hope to come from using this form of reaching their customers. Here are some common goals for an email marketing campaign.

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Boost sales
  • Bring more traffic to the website
  • Build stronger relationship with customers
  • Generate leads for new customers

Which Form of Email Marketing?

Before the campaign begins, the owner must decide if they will be using one of the two kinds of email marketing.

  1. Unsolicited email promotions, often referred to as spam.
  2. Permission based email marketing

Just as the name suggests, permission based email marketing is sending emails to those who have selected to receive those emails. If the email includes information of value, people want to read the emails. Value can be coupons, upcoming sales, information about the future of the company or interesting information for the person to read.

Spam is very impersonal, which can be off putting to consumers. It is often deleted before reading and viewed as irrelevant. The only benefit is that it could potentially bring more customers to the business.

Strategies for Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, there are some strategies that are essential to making the campaign successful. These are items that should be included each time an email is sent out.

  1. Think about that subject line

Readers often decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line. The subject line needs to be concise and give the readers a reason to open the email. It might be funny, eye catching, tricky or straightforward. A good idea is to send out two emails and see which one has the highest open rates. Email marketing is able to generate percentages of open and read rates which is crucial to understanding the customer base.

  1. Personalize the message

Every email should be personalized; no one likes to feel as if they don’t matter to a business they trust. Software is able to add the individual’s name into each email. This can feel generic to consumers. A great idea is to look at the customer’s purchase history and suggest similar items that can go along with the previous history.

For example, if the company sells music, they can suggest similar styles of music that the listener might like. A bookstore can suggest books in a similar genre. The options here are endless. This truly makes the email more about the consumer and can boost sales.

  1. Time when sending the emails

While sending the emails in the morning, it isn’t the prime time to optimize opening rates. The best time to send emails that will have the highest opening rate is between 8pm to midnight.

Most emails are sent out early; the ones that are sent out later tend to stand out in the email mailbox. Business’s need to get to know their consumers; there may be a different time that is better for reaching a majority of the consumers.

  1. Emails must be mobile optimized

A majority of people view their emails from their smartphones. If the emails aren’t mobile optimized, chances are that they will end up in the delete box and never viewed. A one column template is a great way to make sure that readers can view the email on mobile devices. Writers should increase the font size for improved readability. If there is a call to action, make the link easy to tap for those with touch screen smartphones.

Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

  • When gathering information, ask only for the minimal information from the consumer. A lengthy list of questions can deter people from signing up to receive newsletters.
  • Always have a way for people to unsubscribe from the campaign. If there isn’t a way, people can get annoyed and off put by the company. This can ruin the business’s reputation.
  • Have a clear privacy policy that the customers can read. Always respect this privacy policy. Otherwise, the owner risks damaging the trust and relationship. Chances are, the customer will look elsewhere for similar brands.
  • Do research to understand what other companies are doing in their newsletters. Pay attention to what is interesting and eye-catching. When designing the newsletter, it is important that it catches the reader’s attention immediately, otherwise it will be deleted.
  • When writing the email, pretend that there is only one reader. This instantly makes the email more appealing and personal.
  • Keep the emails short. Long emails will lose the reader’s attention. Also, make sure to spend time editing the email.
  • Add personal touches so that the reader can get to know the owner of the business. Sign off the email with your actual name. Try different greetings and closings; using the same thing over and over again make it look as though little time and effort is put into the email.
  • When discussing the product or service, talk about the benefits of the product. Sell the benefits, not the actual product.
  • Write in a conversational tone.
  • Use bullet points because they are easier to read. It is also helpful for those who are viewing on their mobile phones.
  • Place trackable links inside of the email and gain access to real time results to understand what works.
  • Never send more than two emails per week.

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