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What To Look For While Buying a Computer

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Upgrading a new system or buying your first computer is always a daunting task. Mostly people get confused. It becomes difficult to choose the right one based on your requirements as well as on features and price. So to solve this issue, here in this post, you will find some tips which you can make use to buy new one easily.

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Warranty- it is the most important aspect you must be looking into while buying a computer. Make sure all the important hardware are covered under the warranty. In the past, there had been a number of cases where companies had to recall the laptop batteries after they caused a fire. I am sure you don’t want to end up with a ‘laptop toast’ which cannot be replaced.


The speed of your system entirely depends on the processor. If you don’t want to end up with a computer that hangs frequently, better go for a good processor. If you are going to need your PC apart from the basic use, better avoid single core or basic dual core ones. Though they are less expensive you will find that they are not that efficient compared to your usage.


You need more RAM if you are going to use your PC apart from just browsing the internet. There are different RAM types and so take a look on it before you buy it.

Hard Disk

If you are a professional, you will need enough disk space to keep all your work. If you are a common user, having 120GB or 320 GB hard disk will be enough, while on the other hand, if you are an IT professional, you may need a Sata Drive or SCSI.


Different brands provide laptops at different prices. The reason is that some come with improved warranty options while others offer software packages along with the PC. These software will help you to run your PC smoothly. In case you have licensed software, better you can go for cheaper options. Still there are some brands that come with laptops that are cheaper compared to their competitors as well provides enough RAM and hard disk space. To get a better deal on brands, you can make use of Currys promo code 2016.


The price of your PC can significantly increase if you are buying printers, scanners and other peripheral devices. If you are not going to use them regularly, buying them can be a waste of money. So just make sure whether you really need them to buy or not.


Some people prefer having small PCs which take less space and are portable, while others look for PCs with big displays. If you are a frequent traveller, the former one is better for you. On the other hand, if you want to watch movies or have issues reading from the screen, go for the later option. If you are buying servers which have to be placed in the server rooms, the size of the computer never comes in the picture as it is going to take up huge space.

Operating system

If you are a common user, you can buy a PC with Windows starter or Home edition. In case you want to make use of its advanced features, better go for Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.


Buy a computer based on your usability. If you want a computer just to browse net and use some internet services, a single core computer would be enough. But if you are a professional who may have to edit videos and all, you may need a PC with multimedia options. They can be quite expensive and so better go for Argos discount code while making a purchase.

So just follow these tips and buy a computer that can properly handle all your tasks without giving you a headache.  

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