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6 web development trends that are ruling 2016

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Web trends such as responsive design, large-scrolling page, rich animations, and parallax dominated the world of web development in 2015. All these trends are playing a big role in 2016 as well, but you can also find various new trends making their way in this year.

web development trends

Various web development trends are getting popularity in 2016. This post uncovers 6 best trends that are ruling the field of web development this year.

Let’s find out the top 6 web development trends that are ruling 2016:

  1. Real-time everything

2016 is going on, and we see the growth of real-time websites, mobile app, and games. The most popular game – “Pokémon Go” is the biggest example of real-time game based on a GPS system. Similarly, live streaming also seems to be famous this year in the social media marketing world.

  1. Rise in Adoption of Material Design

The main motive of “Material Design” is to create a visual language that composites classic principles of beautiful design with the innovation. However, today more and more designers are using the Material design for their website, it would become more popular in 2016.

  1. Motion User Interface or Motion UI

Motion User Interface is widely used to create animations and CSS transitions. With Motion UI, it is easy to make an app’s look sleek and vibrant with predefined motions. The way animated elements add seamlessly into a site makes Motion UI one of the most preferred libraries by programmers. In 2015, we saw a rising trend of Motion UI, which definitely stays for the next few years.

  1. Custom Explainer Videos

Today, more and more companies are using custom explainer videos on their websites. These videos are created with animation i.e. Crazy Egg. Some other videos are developed using real-life footage such as Instagram Direct. The motive of the video is to explain how a product or service actually works. Videos simplify everything and cover the important material in just a few minutes.

  1. Rich but subtle animations

With PHP web development, today most of the websites are dynamic. Most business owners prefer dynamic websites instead of static websites. Furthermore, you can hire PHP developer who is using rich and subtle animations on the websites in order to make the site look more and more alike. Micro interactions or animations provides extra interaction to the web design while being elegant.

  1. Live Product Previews

Live animation on the homepage will enhance the look of your website. It will allow your visitors to view the products without having to manually click on them. However, you don’t need to rely on animations for product previews; you can get the same functionality with the help of simple PNG screenshots.

So, these are 6 web development trends that are ruling 2016. The half year has passed, but still it’s difficult to predict which trend is going to draw the high attention. However, all the above-mentioned trends are ruling the field of web development and will likely continue well in upcoming months. 

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