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Authentic Ways to Open MBOX File on Your System

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Have you ever faced off the situation when you get a file extension that you are not aware with? Maybe you have got to access the kind of file extension at the very first time. Suppose, you are working on Windows and receive an email with MBOX file attachment. Now you will double click to open the file, but get an error message “Windows cannot open this file”. Before you go to solve this error message, you first need to know what is MBOX file?

MBOX File: MBOX file is a single database file which stores email messages in a different manner. It is compatible with several email clients such as Eudora, PowerMail, SeaMonkey, Claws Mail, Opera and more. Well, after the error message is displayed, you go to find a solution. Below, you could find the reasons and make your way accordingly to open the file.

  • Supported email client is not installed on your system
  • MBOX file is corrupt or broken
  • Email client version is not compatible with the file
  • Virus interruption on the file

How to open MBOX file

1) Associate a file type with a program:

Associate a file type with a specific program which can open MBOX file on your system.

  1. Click Start button and open control Panel
  2. Click on Default Programs
  3. Go to Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  4. Select file extension to be associated and then click Change Program
  5. Click OK to save modification

2) MBOX to PST

MBOX File 1

Whenever you fall off the situations where your system does not support the file you want to access, File conversion is recommended. In case of MBOX, MBOX to PST is preferred as PST file is easily accessible in Outlook email client. Now, if you bother to convert MBOX to PST manually, you would better choose a third party tool. It makes the whole process automatic and easy. Tool comes with trial and full version as well.

3) MBOX Viewer:

MBOX File 2

Final solution is here as MBOX viewer. It is the ultimate solution to open and view MBOX file data. It gets you away with the hassle of arranging a program or email client to open MBOX file. In fact, it opens the file without environment of any programs and email clients. It runs over high end algorithm and provides preview of MBOX email messages along with attachment. Due to enhanced technology, tool involves in, it is considered as a powerful file opening application   It is free software, and supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/ 95.


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