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Drupal 8 Opens New Prospects for Omni-Channel Marketing

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Two new web trends have conquered the digital space – Drupal 8 and the rise of Omni-Channel Marketing. Businesses across the world and serving on the Internet are focusing wide on engaging customers with innovative marketing strategies. When it comes to interaction through digital channels, users are becoming more demanding. They want seamless, unlimited, flexible, continuous interactions with businesses.

Drupal 8

All these interactions today happen seamlessly irrelevant of devices, social media platforms, offline or just anything else. All these places serve as the touch points and the customers reach them via channels

Omni-Channel marketing a logical extension of the cross and multi-channel marketing is now serving a warning to those who are not acceptable to bring services, products and undoubtedly content to the market and spar for sales.

Omni-Channel Marketing is the process to develop, distribute and support with coordinating messages across multiple mediums and platforms in a way that is mindful, contextual and dynamic.

  • Mindful – Every strategy implementation should be in awareness of content distributing channels. Every digital channel is aware of each other; apps are communicating, exchanging and synchronizing the data. Mindfulness to the feedback from customers must be taken care of, i.e., how was the experience of the client, and would you like to recommend to someone. These little feedbacks can create your call to action, and the business can reach a successful conversion goal.
  • Contextual – Keeping the content consistent is no better than keeping it in context. Content should be in context to the consumer, must relate in a way that it is smart enough to boost your sales.
  • Dynamic– Based on the user interaction, feedback, recommendation the data needs to be dynamically updated. With a successful Omni channel program, the data needs to be tagged, categorized, modeled and shared across all the possible channels.

Omni-Channel Marketing with Drupal 8

Businesses are implementing these factors using Open Source Content Management Systems that are based on the open source technologies. With CMS, you can clearly and easily maintain the content quality. CMS needs to be sharp, flexible, measurable and easy to incorporate the rising Digital Marketing trends while also accommodating the current trending business marketing tools.

Drupal 8 is the new generation of Drupal, a digital platform which understands that the web content is now just not limited to reach websites. Drupal is an elite choice for big brands and organizations like Tesla, The White House, NBC, and Harvard University. Drupal 8 is a digitally powered Drupal platform built with more than 200 new features, and a podium to serve digital marketers, business decision makers, content managers, site administrators, developers, technical architects, and to everyone who craft digital stories. If require you can hire Drupal developer to have an amazing website.

As Drupal is an open source platform, you can initiate your program without spending much; this is a very distinctly apparent advantage of Drupal over others. The write-up cover the new opportunities with Drupal 8 in the Omni-Channel Marketing domain.

The key elements which make Drupal 8 a prominent choice for Omni-Channel Marketing are

  • Easy Content Management and Authorization – Drupal 8 comes with Sparks for inline editing; need not to refresh the whole page, using AJAX contents can be quickly updated.
  • Responsive – Regardless of the screen user’s device has, consistent content marketing can perform well. Another dimension of Omni-Channel Marketing – Responsiveness is well met by Drupal 8.
  • The power of Multilingual – With this capability, Drupal 8 has opened new doors for Omni-Channel Marketing. Now Drupal 8 works wonders for marketers stretching their business in larger aspects and reaching wide unlimited to any single language.
  • Optimized Channels – With integrated Google Analytics, marketing strategy can be practically practiced, revamp or revised.
  • Integrated Web Services API – Drupal 8 is developed and designed to publish and absorb a standard content quality. Drupal 8 serves as the central hub for delivering content across multiple channels.

We all come across the interactions with content in a variety of forms, and through different conduits. Strategies that comprise of Omni-Channel Marketing excel well with sales and customers. Drupal 8 serves the best to fulfill the challenges in the field of Omni-Channel Marketing.   

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Ankur Purohit is a Digital Marketing Manager by profession, a writer by hobby and works for Baymediasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Drupal development Company. He loves sharing information regarding mobile app development and Drupal development.

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