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Gun Glory: Anarchy Skyrockets to Google Play’s Featured Apps

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Flange Studio´s June release, a mobile multiplayer real time shooter Gun Glory: Anarchy, keeps gaining popularity among gamers. This brand new PVP game play hits Featured on Google Play in just one month later.

Different from what players came to expect the kinds of firearms that they are going to get in shooting games, in Gun Glory: Anarchy, every weapon displays a unique super power ranging from spitting lava, launching tracking missiles, freezing enemies to calling out dragons. Zombies, giant robots, exotic monsters and breath taking PVP game play – just to name a few to represent the hallmarks of this new captivating game for mobile phones and tablets which was officially released in June by Flange Studio. In just a short period of time, this third-person shooter has already received positive acclaim from press and the gaming community.

Gun Glory

In the game, the player takes on a role of being a Captain, a well-trained and battle-hardened veterans who proceeds through secret missions and deadly battles to discover the truth about radiation that’s spreading across the world. Armed with top-notch weapons from sniper rifles, assault guns to UAV strikes and summoned dragons, the players are well prepared for combats in 4 game modes against the environment or each other.

While being a true shooter to the bone, Gun Glory: Anarchy delivers solid strategy element as well. Ultimate weapons players possess can instantly shift the balance on the battlefield and therefore require special attention and more tactical upgrading choices. Moreover, as the player’s characters progress through the game, they gain various components to upgrade their gears which results in even more strategic gameplay. Thanks to that, PVP battles in the Arena Mode become exceptionally intense and challenging, which surely was one of the reasons that contributes to Gun Glory: Anarchy’s abrupt popularity.

This 3D artsy game is well-optimized for mobile phones and tablets with smooth and intuitive controls and excellent performance even on not so up-to-date devices. In particular, the game´s auto-movement system allows the player to concentrate on aiming and shooting, while the character finds its way through the arena. The game supports multiplayer real time PVP feature. It’s hard to imagine such game is produced by an Indie developing team.

On July 15th, Gun Glory: Anarchy has been named Featured on Google Play, which seems totally deserved and reasonable provided the game managed to receive huge positive feedback in less than a month after launch.

Pricing and availability

Gun Glory: Anarchy is available on Android 4.0.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. The game is free to play with in-app purchases (freemium). The game is rated 17+.


Flange Studio is an Indie game developer formed by gaming veterans. The company focuses on developing shooters for mobile devices and VR since 2014.


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