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A Review on Sothink DVD Ripper

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Although not everyone is not so technologically sensitive, but it is a blatant truth that the technology field has seen extraordinary progress in the past five years. To some extent, it is safe to say that we were and are still witnessing a technology explosion since when Apple dented the world with its iPod digital music player, and then the iPhone and then the iPad tablet computer. What happened next was that everyone followed suit, which is why we are lucky enough to see smart phones and tablets, even phablets flooding the streets. The direct effect of this is that people are now watching more and more videos on their smart phones and tablets, when they used to do on their PCs in those old times.

While this is all happening so fast, it seems that the movement in the media field has been quite slower, comparatively. As we all know that Blu-rays have seen prevailing in the last two or three years, but to completely replace DVDs is seemingly not gonna happen anytime soon. A lot of movie loves still own large collections of DVDs at home, and if they want to watch those old movies on the smart phones which is not technically possible simple due to the format issue, there should be one way out.

 Sothink DVD media

Fortunately, we have a piece of software called DVD Ripper which can address this issue, permanently. Because it will convert any DVDs you have into compatible videos for you to watch on whatever portable and mobile device you got, iPhone, iPad, Nexus 9, PlayStation, anything you can possibly come up with. This powerful, flexible and easy-to-use DVD ripping tool is developed by SothinkMedia Software, a well established software publisher who has a good reputation for years in the field of multimedia processing.

Sothink DVD Ripper has a very user-friendly interface, everyone, even those senior guys who are usually having difficulties to keep their pace with the fast changing technology, can grab a copy and get to know how it works in less than half an hour. The more they dig into the software, the greater they will find out, such as the facts that it allows them to control over a lot of output parameters easily, and in order to speed things up, it takes advantages of the newest technologies like NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration, Intel Quick Sync, multi-core CPUs and batch conversion.

Sothink DVD Ripper

Sothink DVD Ripper also enjoys a good reputation for being able to hand even the latest DVD copy protections all on its own, no need to call in any 3rd party decryption tool in this regard. Maybe this is also why people love this software so much. For the money spent, you get a continually updated product that is able to rip even the newest commercial DVD releases. What’s more, all the amazing features available with this piece of DVD ripping software are incredibly advanced and will satisfy even the most demanding users. For example, if you just want to convert a part of one DVD, or simply want the sound track only, or want to render in an external subtitle into the converted video, all are possible.

To end this article, Sothink DVD Ripper plays the roles of both a DVD decryption software and a DVD converter software, and with its capacity to quickly convert your DVDs to your portable and mobile devices, it is definitely a must-have to those who spend a lot portion of their days on the move, or traveling.

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