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SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool to Read & View SQL Log File

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For every users working with SQL Server Database, transaction log plays an important role as it contains all the records of every transactions and modifications made by each transaction in the database. In SQL Server, MDF is the main database file containing data while LDF is the file linked to the MDF containing transaction logs. LDF files helps in ensuring the data integrity of the database at the time for disaster recovery. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the SQL transaction log file to see if any transaction is damaged or interrupted. In this content, we will be giving review of a third party SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool that can be used for the same purpose.

Introduction of the SQL Log Analyzer

The SQL Server Log Analyzer Software has been designed to read and analyze the SQL Server Log File transactions to help user recover the corrupt SQL database. It will recover data from LDF file and give preview of all the Log activities with its details such as transaction name, table name, time, etc. It exports the log file queries in multiple file formats and imposes no limitation on the size of transaction log files.

Versions of SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool

  • Demo Version

This version can be availed for trail purpose to understand the functionalities and working of the tool. It is available free of cost on company’s website with the limitation that it can preview only first 5 tables & the first 50 records of each table.

  • License Version

The License version of the tool can be purchased at the cost of $299 from the company’s  website. It overcomes the limitation of the trial version as it allows user to preview of all the records and exports them to desired format.

Highlighting Features of SQL  Server Log Analyzer

  • Detailed Analysis of LDF file

The tool provides detailed information by reading and giving preview of all the log activities in an SQL Server Database. It helps user to find out the possible reason responsible for the SQL Server corruption.

  • Multiple Options to Export

It will export the SQL Server Log file in three ways:

  • SQL Server Database

User need to provide correct credentials such as server name, database name, username and password in order to export the LDF file queries to SQL Server Database.

  • SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts

This option should be used when the user needs to move the log file to other SQL Server database. It helps user to export the data as compatible SQL scripts to any server as required.

  • CSV File

SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool 1

The last option for export is selected when the user needs to export the SQL Server Log details into a Comma Separated Values file.

  • Preview of Log Transactions

SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool

The software will scan to load all the tables in database and gives instant preview of all the log transactions with the details like transaction name, time, table name, etc. User can also view and analyze operations like INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE.

  • Allows Selective Export

SQL Server Log Analyzer Tool

The SQL Log Analyzer gives freedom to its users with the option to check/uncheck only the desired tables while exporting the SQL log file queries into the desired available choices.

  • Standalone Application

The tool has the ability to let user view the SQL transaction log file without any environment. It does not require installation of Microsoft SQL Server on the system where the Analyzer will be used.

  • SQL Server Compatibility

The software is compatible with any SQL log file associated with the latest versions of the SQL Server. It can also be used on any Windows system including Windows 10 and all its previous versions.


  • Supports Variant Export Options
  • Detailed Analysis of LDF file


  • Demo version previews only few items
  • LDF file cannot be analyzed without MDF


After knowing the positive as well as the negative points of the tool, it can be concluded that SQL Log Analyzer Tool proves to be a right approach to view SQL server log file. The tool even promotes the Log file forensic analysis by examining each SQL Server activities. The software can be rated as 9.7/10 as the trial version gives preview of only first 5 tables and 50 records per table.

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