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SyncMate – The Ultimate Syncing Solution for Apple Users

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The addiction to electronic gadgets and dependency on technology have influenced the current generation to use more than one electronic device at a time. Mobiles phones, laptops and tablets have all become vital components of our daily routine. Can you remember that last day you travelled without your iPhone or Mac? Seems incomprehensible, doesn’t it? In a computerized world such as this, it is not at all hard to imagine someone relying on more than one electronic device.

As an Apple loyalist, you might be reliant on your gadgets on a day-to-day basis. While it does seem convenient, most people only realize the hassle of handling multiple devices when it comes to syncing. Of course, you can use iCloud to sync all the data from your Mac and iPhone. But is it efficient enough? What about when you have to sync information from non-Apple devices? Worry not, Apple has provided the ultimate solution for this problem in the form of SyncMate.

What is SyncMate?

SyncMate 1

It is a multifunctional sync app that enables you to sync data on Mac with other computers, mobile phones and portable devices. These could be Apple devices or even non-Apple devices such as Android mobiles and Sony PSPs. This Mac sync software can also be synced with online accounts and services such as iCloud, Dropbox and Google accounts. The devices can be synced via WiFi, Bluetooth or even through a USB cable.

Syncmate 2

Although the app looks complicated at first sight, it is highly maneuverable. You will be able to set it up and use it without any inconvenience. SyncMate is not only designed to synchronize various devices and platforms, but to sync a wide range of digital data as well. Whether it is contacts, calendar events, reminders or folders, you will be able to transfer them in a jiffy.

Syncmate 3

Syncmate 4

How Does it Look?

The software has a native OS X user interface that is both colorful and neatly organized. You can access the remote devices through the upper panel. Select the sync directions to view your files through the main panel. Some users have complained that the heavy usage of drop-down menus was quite bothersome since it requires too many clicks to get to your choice of destination. Of course, this would only be a problem if you try to sync eight or more devices at the same time.

How Does it Work?

Establishing a connection with other devices is extremely easy. You can select your choice of devices from the drop-down menu. You can also assign a connection password for your SyncMate for security purposes. There is no limit to the amount of folders that you can connect to. Regardless of whether they are Apple or not, when using this app, you will be able to synchronize an unlimited number of devices.

All in all, SyncMate has proven to be an innovative creation of Apple in terms of syncing solutions. It is evident that this software program will make working with multiple devices a much simpler task. It is possible for you to test the efficiency and functionality of the software by installing the free version of SyncMate. Through this version, you can sync all your Address Book contacts and iCal events with any device of your choice. You can also copy your SMS messages to your Mac. If you wish to sync music, images, videos and other folders, you will have to update the software to the Expert version.

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