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Tips on creating a solid brand and strategy

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It’s very important to make your audience feel like they can relate to your brand. How to do this? Well, this post will  help you  to create a solid brand and strategy.

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Find Your Personality

We all know big brands, but they all started off just as any other small personal business. The process nowadays it is still the same. It is key that you choose a proper name, because it will stick to you forever.

In order to get a proper name, there are several aspects to keep in mind. Who do you target? What do you sell or offer? What countries and languages will be targeted? You can either brainstorm it all yourself or use some online services to get help. For example, a service like Nameperfection will help you find the correct one. Not only that, also a logo, branding colors, and your business personality. And you can resort to pages like Fiverr to get your website and social media kits. 

Be Yourself, Be Unique

A Social Media and Marketing strategy should always focus around your brand’s personality.

Make sure you know who you target your messages to, and what language you wish to use. Do you want to be friendly and witty? Maybe professional and distant? Or use pop-culture references?

Either way, make it yours and make it consistent!

For smaller businesses, it’s suggested to make it so that your audience knows who’s behind those words. You can show some behind-the-scenes images, showing you at work or at conferences. 

Think ahead

Now that all is set, think where you want your brand to be in the next 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Set clear and reachable targets for each milestone. And make yourself accountable to reach them!

Learn to be flexible, if you see that your strategy isn’t working, find a new way around it! But most of all, make sure your target feels like they can trust you and your brand. That will open the doors for your success!

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