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Top 3 WordPress Plugins for ECommerce in 2016

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WordPress started as a blogging platform, but now with its secured and seamless eCommerce solutions, WordPress is the most preferred Content Management System. WordPress has the most powerful and robust eCommerce plugin architecture that makes it count best for anyone who wants to build an eCommerce Website.

WordPress Plugins for ECommerce

WordPress facilitates a number of eCommerce plugins which can be used as per need. Choosing the right eCommerce plugin is very crucial for your business and its development. Having a digital shop opens a new opportunity for your business to excel. The article features the top 3 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce that will help you choosing the right plugin for your online store.

How to choose a correct WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

Great deals of WordPress eCommerce Plugins are available to build a Digital Shop but choosing the right one requires few things to note before you start with any. Not all of them would provide you the needs you are looking for. Some are suitable for Digital Goods like EBooks, music, applications, games, etc or some may support the complete inventory and shipping management for selling physical products online.

Before choosing any plugin, you must know what you’ll be selling online and what kind of features your digital shop should have. Next, you should focus on the payment gateways, which payment gateways would be supported by your online shop. Check that the plugin you choose must support the payment gateways. Also the support system of the plugin must be taken care of while finalizing it.

Start with What You Need?

E-commerce is a resource demanding domain so you’ll first need best WordPress Hosting – Bluehost is the oldest, most valuable web hosts, also it comes in the budget. The eCommerce plan provides SSL Certificate necessary for the payments facility, dedicated IP, and a dedicated support line. By default, WooCommerce plugin is installed which is covered below in the article. Next pick an attractive, easy to remember, SEO friendly domain name. And lastly, choose the essential business plugins required for your digital shop.

Below are listed the best and the top 3 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce in 2016. All the plugins featured below are absolutely free and easy to use.

  1. WooCommerce – The most preferred, popular and the most widely used eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce comes with a plenty of free and paid add-ons and themes with which you can customize your online shop according to your needs. WooCommerce is used by world’s most esteemed brands like Harley Davidson, Cosmopolitan etc; it currently rules the eCommerce Market with a powerful share of 17.77%. Salient features and advantages of WooCommerce are
  • Themes and Add-Ons – WooCommerce offers a full stock solution for multiple themes and extensions, which you can install as per your requirement. A wide collection of themes and add-ons offers you a wide range to choose from.
  • Facilitates Both Physical and Digital Goods – WooCommerce supports selling both physical goods and digital goods. So in case you plan to sell both from your digital shop WooCommerce is the all in one solution.
  • Inventory Management – WooCommerce provides inbuilt powerful tools for complete inventory management solutions that are easy to deal with. If required you can hire WordPress developer to install the plugin.
  • Easy and robust payments solution – With the robust and completely built in facility for payment and shipping options, WooCommerce is most utilize eCommerce plugin. Almost all the popular payment gateways are supported by WooCommerce, in case it is not you can add it through an extension.
  • Easy Support System – An in depth and a very helpful documentation is available for any assistance regarding WooCommerce. Also, it has a community forum and a help desk to help you at their best.
  1. Easy Digital Downloads – For selling digital goods online such as an application, eBooks, music, photographs, games, programs, etc Easy Digital Downloads is an amazing option all at no price. This plugin is very easy to use and showcase an alluring digital goods selling website.
  • Suits best for Digital Goods – Easy Digital Goods is basically designed for selling digital goods online, so it provides the best experience with its more than 200 themes and extensions.
  • Easy To Use – EDD as the name is very easy to use for your digital store. The plugin is built with WordPress Coding Standard it is an extremely developer friendly plugin.
  • Themes – EDD support almost all the WordPress themes, you can also use more than 200 themes provided by it.
  • Free Support – The plugin is richly documented, comes with free support forums, tutorials, helpful videos.
  1. WP E-Commerce – WP E-Commerce Plugin is the most reliable open source solution for business owners who want to convert their visitors into customers. Built and is used by a strong community of developers, WordPress E-Commerce offers seamless solutions for payments, shopping cart, automated marketing, robust coupon management, dedicated support.
  • Automated Marketing – With this super awesome feature, automatically it manages your marketing and promotions of the products. You can show the selling volume of a product, or make it easily shareable on social media, even track your customers by putting ‘How You Found Us’. It is integrated with Google Base, Google Analytics etc
  • Multiple Payment Gateways – WP E-Commerce supports robust payment solutions, with free gateways such as PayPal, Express Checkout, and PayPal Pro. Also, many other payment gateways are supported by WP E-Commerce. It also has multiple tax management solutions.
  • Dedicated Support – The support staff by WP E-Commerce is the most dedicated and customer oriented team. They assist you in the best possible manner when required.


WordPress, as it has come from the ages, is now more than just a blog. Plugins are the first things that will go with a full-fledged plan for your Digital Store. The write-up covers essentially used WordPress ecommerce plugins that are dominating in the sphere of eCommerce. 

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Ankur Purohit is a Digital Marketing Manager by profession, a writer by hobby and works for Baymediasoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – WordPress Development Company. He loves sharing information regarding mobile app development and WordPress development.

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