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Best Video Conference Solutions for Startups

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The best way to increase your chances of success as a startup company or a small business is by keeping your overhead costs low. Low overhead costs mean you can get that much closer to breaking even early in the development stages. One of the ways you can lower your overhead costs further is by limiting the number of business trips and out-of-city meetings to a minimum. Video conferencing is the solution to go for in this case and we have some interesting options to consider right here in this article.

SEO Conference


One of the best video conferencing software to look into is ClickMeeting. This suite’s clean user interface and ease of use are among the many reasons why ClickMeeting is very popular among startups. It also works great with other compatible video conferencing solutions, including hardware-based setups commonly used by large corporations.

ClickMeeting makes hosting video meetings very easy to do. There is a built-in whiteboard tool, which means you can hold effective business meetings from the comfort of your office. It also has a very good compression algorithm built into the software, allowing the conference to go smoothly even when you have a fairly limited internet connection.

On top of that, you can try ClickMeeting for free with its 30-day Free Trial program. Unfortunately, this is a premium-only software; there is no free version of ClickMeeting you can use indefinitely. The ability to create toll-free numbers, share desktops (including mouse and keyboard) and to record the conference in full audio-video format makes ClickMeeting that much more appealing.

Cisco Spark

If you’re looking for a more integrated, well-tested solution, Cisco Spark is definitely worth checking out. Backed by years of expertise in networking and corporate solutions, Cisco Spark offers an interesting take on integrated communications. It has Virtual Meeting Spaces that enables you to host business meetings smoothly.

Since this is an integrated solution, you can expect Cisco Spark to work really well with all Cisco – and Cisco-compatible – IP-based hardware; this is definitely good news if you have already invested in the system. The Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 series are supported by the platform, which means the whole system will be fully integrated once installed.

Cisco Spark is even more interesting thanks to its capable cloud network and hybrid services. In the fast paced world of startups, it is also worth noting that you can rely on Cisco tech support at all times. It is a truly robust, corporate-grade solution that also works for startups and home businesses.

Cisco Spark may seem expensive at first, but the solution can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget. As mentioned earlier, you can save a lot and have a truly integrated system if you already are on Cisco’s network.

While we’re talking about Cisco, the company also has Cisco WebEx, another product designed specifically for handling business meetings and video conference calls. If you’re looking to stay with Cisco and want to find a solution at a lower budget, for instance, the Cisco WebEx is an interesting alternative nonetheless.


Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the fact that it’s a solution for home users, Skype is actually a very good business video conference tool. A lot of people are already familiar with Skype. Integrating the service with other parts of your communications system is also very easy to do. Let’s not forget that Skype is now part of the Office 365 suite, which includes cloud storage and other services too.

Another good thing about Skype is its native mobile apps. You can connect to a conference on Skype using anything from your desktop computer to your smartphone. The platform supports Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android. There are plenty of great extensions and add-ons too, allowing you to add functionalities to your conference calls. You even get features that you normally get on expensive platforms, such as in-app whiteboard tools and desktop sharing.

If you’re looking for a video conference solution that costs almost nothing, Skype is definitely the solution to go for. The free plan from Skype should be more than enough for everyday use. You can connect with clients or work partners with ease.

We’ve talked about solutions for different budgets and circumstances in this article. Which one is the best for your startup? The answer to that question depends on your company’s specific needs and existing system. Look into these three solutions and you’ll be able to pick one that works best for you without a problem.

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