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Coloring your Hair Naturally

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If you were to take a trip to the average store and just glance at the hair care isle you would see rows and rows of different hair dye for practically every color imaginable. Where this is great from a consumer’s standpoint with the ability to change your hair color in the blink of an eye, it is not so good for the hair follicles themselves. The hair follicle is a natural thing and when you use commercial dyes you are introducing a very destructive and unnatural element into your hair. The process begins with the ammonia lifting the cuticle up and injecting it with peroxide that initially destroys your current hair color. The new color is then deposited in, but the damage to your hair is already there and can give it a very straw like texture. Over dying can cause your hair to be brittle and never regain its true state of health.

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The solution to the ongoing problem of wanting a different hair color, but also wanting your hair to remain healthy comes in the form of natural hair dye. The popularization of the standard fast hair dye has rendered many of these methods outdated, but when you think of the damage that can occur from commercial hair dye versus the time it may take to dye your hair the natural way, the choice is clear. You can have the color you want without resorting to the salon to fix your dyeing debacle from one of these commercial hair dyes. The color desired is dependent upon the product used.


One of the most damaging additives to any hair dye is the bleach. It has a strong odor and we already have discussed how it basically rips out the current color of your hair. The problem however is not the bleach, but the form of bleach used. The commercial grade bleaching agent is harmful to the hair, but the main point of the bleach is to clean the hair out of the follicle. Lemons can do this naturally and safely.

Much of our hair related issues stems from our hair not looking as fresh as we want it to. The aging process tends to make our hair look dull and unappealing, but the solution does not lie in a complete revamp of your color. The youthful exuberant hair that we envy from those that are of a lesser age than us is possible to gain when you simply add lemons to it. The lemon is a natural and safe form of bleach that does not strip the natural hair, but allows for the hair’s highlights to come out. It slowly lightens the hair over time and allows for that youthful appearance that we envy.


You may be one of the few that has naturally light hair, but would rather get it a little darker. The solution to that is in the pigments of your hair. You want to encourage the pigments to appear darker, but a drastic change such as regular hair dye is simply too harsh. Walnuts and more specifically, black walnuts will allow this to happen in a natural and safe way.

The process begins by soaking the walnut shells in water for up to 3 days. This enables the natural coloring elements to begin to open. The next step is to boil the shells and allow them to steep just like if you were making a pot of tea. The longer the mixture is allowed to steep, the darker the dye will be. Simply soak your hair in the strained dyed water and the pigments from the walnuts will penetrate the wall of your hair. This method will last for quite a while, but the act of dying your hair again to get darker hair is easy and safe should you have to repeat the process.

For the Reds

It is the desire of many to add a little more color to their hair than just the standard brown or blond and with beet and carrot juice this dream can be a reality in the most natural way. The beet and carrot juices are mixed together and then slowly worked into the hair. This particular method is perfect for blonds that want that extra hint of red or for redheads who simply want highlights. The color has to be left on for approximately one hour to ensure that the juice is properly saturated into the pigments, but the results are simply amazing.

Natural hair dye methods tend to turn people off simply because there is no real instruction manual like with traditional commercial hair dyes, but the fact that you are putting vitamins and minerals into your hair rather than stripping them out of it when using these methods means that your hair color will last longer and be far more luxurious than those of your friends that choose the commercial route. Have fun and enjoy your healthy radiant and natural hair.

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