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GetResponse vs. Marketo: Which Tool is the Best for Your Company?

Posted In Business - By Techtiplib on Friday, August 12th, 2016 With 1 Comment

 Making the decision about which marketing software tool to use should be thought out thoroughly. Email marketing is one of the top tools used by companies to gain new clients, as well as retaining current clients. Investing in tools to help your marketing campaign will only benefit your company and bring a return from your investment.

While there are quite a few tools you may look into, GetResponse and Marketo are two names you will definitely encounter more than once. Both offer great features and tools for their users. We are going to compare their features to decide which one offers the best bang for your buck.

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  1. Prices

Pricing is a huge factor in your decision. You want to make sure you are paying a fair price, and that the price you pay includes a great number of features you can use. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

GetResponse price

  • GetResponse offers some great competitive pricing; most companies cannot beat their prices. Their policy is very straightforward. You sign no contract, and you can cancel your use at any time. Here is their breakdown of pricing:
    • Beginning Email Level: $15 per month
    • Pro Level: $49 per month
    • Max Level: $165 per month
    • Enterprise: $799 per month.

Marketo price

  • Marketo is priced differently than GetResponse. It offers four modules: marketing automation, consumer engagement, real-time personalization and marketing management. The price of these are going to be based off the tier you pick. You can select all or just one of these modules. Then, you select the tier:
    • Spark
    • Standard
    • Select
    • Enterprise
  1. Email Marketing

One of the reasons you are going to be using this software is to create and manage email marketing campaigns. You want the platform you select to be easy to use and give you different options and categories. Here are how they match up.

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  • GetResponse is designed to be very easy to use, even for beginners. You can view and use the website on your smartphone and tablet; this is a great feature for those business owners on the go. There are hundreds of templates to use. This tool is very functional.
  • Marketo pays most attention to the interactions with the subscribers. The website and tools are broken down based on different areas based on the campaign itself. While it is user friendly, it isn’t quite as simply as GetResponse. It doesn’t work as well on mobile devices either.
  1. Building Landing Pages

Landing pages are crucial for your email marketing strategy. They should be eye-catching and exciting. You want to present the right information and the right amount of information. Both Marketo and GetResponse allows you to build these pages with their tool.

GetResponse design

  • GetResponse allows you to design and personalize your land pages with ease. You want the pages to be interesting, and this tool will guarantee that happens. They break down the design process in three steps, streamlining the process. You need no previous experience in order to make a great page.

Marketo design

  • Marketo has a great tool that allows you to create and share beautifully designed landing pages. You can get a sneak peek of the page before publishing. It also is designed to make sure the site will work for mobile users, which is very important because most people will view your page on a mobile device.
  1. Autoresponder

This is an important feature for any software you decide to use. You should be able to customize and create auto messages with ease. Here are how the two companies line up.

  • GetResponse stands out among other tools because it has some great features. On top of automatically answering emails, it allows you to send birthday emails, follow up emails and 1 on 1 communications with customers. You can match the emails to your specific customers and interests.
  • Marketo has some nice features, but it is less easy to use in comparison to GetResponse. You have to schedule and save auto responses. There are a series of steps instead of everything going automatically.
  1. Webinars

If you want to get more exposure and build up your clientele list, webinars are a great feature to try. They can also increase your brand loyalty with your existing customers. Not every software allows you to create webinars; GetResponse and Marketo both offer this tool.

  • GetResponse allows you to integrate email marketing and webinars together to build your email list and find new clients. They have an easy template to use to create the webinars. They have templates to follow to ease the process.
  • Marketo offers the use of webinars as well and has made the process simple. With the entering of some basic information, you can create a webinar. However, you cannot make recurring webinars with this platform. They are just single sessions.

Which Tool is the Best?

GetResponse and Marketo both have some great features, making them great options for your business. The real differences come down to the prices and the ease of use. GetResponse is designed for everyone to be able to use. If you are a brand new business owners, GetResponse is going to serve you well with its simple design.

Author Bio:

Simon is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Marketo cost more money, with the lack of features included. GetResponse only requires $49, and you receive all of these features and more, including website traffic tracking and shopping cart abandonment tracking. You are going to get more features for your money, and it is designed simply for you.

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