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The Greatest Comic-to-game Adaptations

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The comic-book to gaming crossover is one of the most successful relationships in modern media with many great titles for consoles and mobiles showing us that there’s nothing like a little interactive entertainment to really bring some of our favourite comic-book characters to life. Marvel really took this one step forward. You could find many marvel games online, for example Marvel online slots games. There are so many characters and games to choose from: From Spiderman, to Wolverine, Daredevil to The incredible Hulk.

We’ve created a quick list to introduce you to the greatest comic-to-game adaptations:

Arkham Knight



Everybody knows that Batman is the world’s best comic-book character, and therefore it’s only fitting that he has the best video game too in the form of Arkham Knight.

Released in 2015, this great title for PS4, Xbox One and PC managed to provide the most realistic depiction of Gotham City yet, and gave us all chance to battle against an array of baddies including Two-Face, Penguin and the inimitable Scarecrow.

And although there were a few grumbles about about the functionality of the Batmobile, it still managed to be a whole lot more entertaining than the recent Batman V Superman movie!

The Amazing Spider Man



Over the years there’s been a huge range of Spiderman games out there to enjoy too. Probably the best of the bunch has to be 2012’s The Amazing Spiderman. Although some of the missions tended to be a touch repetitive, it had enough fun and action to keep even the most hardcore Spidey fan entertained for a good few days. And with some incredible animation touches, it’s still the touchstone for Spiderman gaming entertainment.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land



OK, so The Walking Dead is a graphic novel and not a comic book, but whatever the technicalities, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is still a great example of how there are some great gaming pleasures to be wrung from the page.

This mobile gaming hit was released for Android and iOS devices after the phenomenal success of the TV series adaptation, and it quickly gained a huge amount of downloads thanks to the turn-based tactical combat challenges that shows that there’s much more to zombie-slaying than meets the eye!

So whether it’s charging around Gotham, winning casino games with Spiderman, or even just running away from a bloodthirsty pack of zombies, there’s plenty of entertainment to be had in the ever growing selection of comic-to-game adaptations.

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