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Infographic: Sat Nav Devices & Apps You Should Consider Getting

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Do you feel a soothing comfort when you’re driving along an unfamiliar route and a reassuring voice tells you to ‘turn right in 500 metres’? Are you more at ease with a drive when you can program instructions into a portable navigation machine beforehand? If so, you’ll most likely be the owner of a GPS system (or a sat nav for any British folks reading this), that masterful device which does the routing for you and enables you to concentrate purely on the road.

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a GPS system, but you just don’t know where to start or what to look for in a GPS. If this sounds like you, then have a look at this infographic from Woodstock Motors ( which features some of the top GPS devices and apps that are available to motorists. If you believe that such devices are prohibitively expensive, think again – you can get a perfectly good GPS system for approximately $120. That’s certainly not a bad outlay for something which could potentially save you a lot of hassle once you hit the big city and every side street and intersection looks the same. If money is no object and you want a top of the line GPS, $350 gets you elite navigation devices like the TomTom GO 6000 and Garmin Drivesmart 60 LMT-D.

Of course, if you’re super thrifty, you might not even have to dig into your wallet at allthere are tons of GPS apps available for your smartphone, and some of the best ones like Google Maps and Waze are absolutely free. The one caveat to entrusting your smartphone with all of your GPS needs is that the signal is liable to fail in remote areas, whereas a made-for-purpose GPS device will work practically anywhere.

If you’re in the market for a GPS device, or you’re after a handy app for the same purpose, check out the infographic below. The creators have done the hard work in picking out the best of the bunch, so as to save you lots of uncertain searching time in store or online. Sat Nav Devices

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