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A simple guide to increase the ad revenues on your app

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 There isn’t anyone who would not want to earn from what he has worked really hard for. Making money off an app becomes quite an important aspect for every app developer, whether he is a beginner or an established one. To earn more, one needs to open about the preferences and the latest developments in the world of marketing and advertising. Keeping the tab of the new tools to monetize your app will make you go a long way.

No, this article isn’t about learning what CPM, CPC, RTB or anything metrical or technical. We want to know simple hacks of the trade and want to make a better use of the tricks.

ad revenues on app

Let me present to you the best-sieved bullet points which are simple to follow.

  • Know your audience:

Anyone wanting to fill ads slots in his apps should know his core user audience first. Here, the attempt should be made to understand the importance of placing the right ad to the right audience. The search engine optimization is what will help you know more about the user’s preference through his search history. Hence, geo-targeting plays an important role in choosing the right audience for the ad placement (Conversion rate for an ad of post-retirement plan won’t be good for an app with teenagers as the core audience).

Also, know your audience’s behaviour pattern. Whenever an ad is shown on the app, the user’s reaction to it gets automatically registered in the network’s log. Hence, whether the viewer closed the ad, clicked on it, installed it or blocked it, each of this data gets noted. Therefore, keeping a tab on user’s reactions to the ads is equally important. This will help you find the right audience.

  • Maintain a right balance in user experience:

The ultimate way to maximize ad revenues is to make sure that the user is happy while running your app. If there are pop-ups and video ads in the middle of something he is doing, he will not hesitate to uninstall the app due to the nuisance it has created. Choose the right ad format. Do your research before selecting an ad network or the advertiser.

Make the best use of your freemium offerings in the app. Also, make use of rewarded video ads, especially for learning apps, gaming apps and art apps. For example, if a user has bought a session of leaning to create a Japanese sketched pot, give him an advantage by giving a free session of French oil painting.

  • Ad networks need you more than you need them:

First of all, be precise about the kind of ad network you wish to deal with. Once you build a rapport in your selected network and a reputation among your users, do not hesitate to hike your fee. If your app is providing a good conversion rate for the product, the ad network won’t mind hiking your charges. Strategize your ad fills. Also, these days, a lot of cross-platform networks are available where you can approach more than one network to assign.

A wrong partnership can cost you your user’s trust and thereby, the usage and installation rate of your app. A dissatisfied user will not hesitate to voice himself if he is not happy with your app. Be selective about the ad partners and the kind of integration you choose. 

  • Stay updated:

Always know what the other ad partners and networks are up to. Stay updated about the rates they are giving. Also, know whom your rival apps or your fellow developers partnering with. Smallest change in your selection can make a great difference. Keep yourself brushed up with latest ad formats; ad structuring and ad placement formats. Today, the presentation is what matters the most. Know your ad metrics well and learn which impression will give you the maximum return.

  • Think from the viewer’s perspective:

Do not start placing an ad at every breakpoint or page change. It is important to understand what kind of experience you would have if you are the one using the app. How would you feel if you had to swim through an ad attack every time you try to do something on the app? This concern is directly related to the user experience. Also, an irrelevant ad, unnecessary polls, feedbacks, and pop-ups are a no-no for every user. After all, everything is not just about the money.

To conclude it, one must understand that the motto of placing ads in this app is to generate extra revenue. Do not let this system waiver you from the authenticity of your app. Keep your app as clean as you can. Ads were not the reason why you developed your app.

Stay clutter-free.

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