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Securing Your PC against Malware Threats

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I think it’s fair to say that today, the chances of your computer system getting infected with spyware, adware, viruses and other forms of malware is higher than it’s ever been. This can be largely attributed to the increased amount of people using computer systems and also the development of new malicious threats being released onto the web every day. Internet security has always been a hot topic of debate over the years, but cyber & malware threats are becoming increasingly dangerous, making it all that more important that users have adequate protection against these harmful threats.

Malware attacks expected to reach new high in 2013

Computer systems don’t typically have adequate antivirus or internet security software installed on them when we buy them and the reality is that many people don’t get their systems the protection they need, either because they can’t afford it or because they are not aware of the immediate need to do so. Malware threats are constantly evolving, especially at this moment in time and the reality is that without protection against these threats, your system will be left vulnerable all the time. Most people who have been infected with a computer virus, Trojan horse or a worm will know how damaging and serious it can be. When a system gets attacked by these kinds of infections users can experience a wide range of problematic symptoms with the most severe of them being corruption of data, deletion of data, hackers gaining entry into the system and even total system failure.

Tips When Choosing Security Software

When it comes to protecting a computer system against malware threats, the best course of action is to purchase or use highly reputable internet security software only from respected companies. Companies with big names and popular products have been around for many years for 1 reason, that being that their software works. A personal recommendation is to use an internet security suite that has regular updates as well as antivirus and antimalware capabilities along with real-time protection. Too often, people will only get antivirus software which might not be able to detect certain types of malware. An internet security suite on the other hand usually has the ability to detect all known types of harmful malware. Real-time protection is important as it allows a program to detect threats before you install them and a definition database is crucial for any security tool, allowing it to detect new threats.

General Web Safety Tips

When it comes to safety on the internet, there are some general guidelines that all people should adhere to in order to reduce the risk of their systems getting infected with malware.

  1. 1. Don’t download software from unknown/potentially dangerous sources
  2. 2. Scan all downloaded software with internet security software before installing them.
  3. 3. Take note of any disturbances in PC performance and run scans to address/fix them.
  4. 4. Before opening email attachments first verify the source as legitimate and scan before installing.
  5. 5. Scan your PC daily with internet security software and update it daily.
  6. 6. Scan your PC regularly with a registry cleaner tool to keep your system optimized
  7. 7. Avoid clicking on any suspicious links in emails (phishing) as this could result in system infection and also possible financial loss.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. If you are looking for a quality spyware hunter tool for your computer, we offer some valuable internet security tools for home based computer users to help them protect their systems against malware. Always keep yourself informed of the latest cyber threats and be cautious when surfing and downloading files from the World Wide Web.

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