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A Small App Gives Every Window a Tabbed User Interface

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Nurgo Software announces release of its simple yet extremely handy utility for system administrators, office workers and home users – TidyTabs. The program equips every application window in the system with a handy tabbed user interface and greatly simplifies managing multiple windows and running applications.

Small App

For many, swapping between program windows, resizing windows, and remembering the location of each window are all common tasks that take an absurd amount of time despite their simplicity. In response, TidyTabs allows the user to gather windows from different programs into a single tabbed platform, much like the tabs in popular web-browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer. This intuitive design allows users to become accustomed to the program nearly instantly. As a result, users will see productivity boosts almost immediately after the program is installed.

TidyTabs installs quickly and requires miniscule CPU usage. Tabs are added into the upper left corner of a window and are only visible when the mouse is near. This feature ensures that the tabs are only around when needed, keeping the interface minimalist and clutter-free. And to allow a level of customization, users are able to prevent selected programs from being affected by TidyTabs, just in case a program really needs to be detached.

Added tabs can be dragged one onto another in order to create a tabbed group containing multiple windows, even if those windows are from different applications. Tabs can be reordered, detached or moved from one group to another. A right click on a tab displays a contextual menu which permits to perform more advanced actions on the tabs (renaming, adding the application to the blacklist, closing this tab, closing all other tabs, etc.)

Last but not least, TidyTabs combines well with another product by Nurgo Software, AquaSnap, a window arranging program to help users optimize their desktop space.

Pricing and availability

TidyTabs is free for personal use. The free version is limited to 3 tabs per window. The Professional license allows business and corporate use and costs $9 per one computer. The unlimited site license is also available. The program supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.


Nurgo Software is a French company specializing in perfecting user experience. Nurgo Software has downloads in over 190 countries and hundreds of thousands of users, including companies like Canon and Uber.


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