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Your Absolute Guide to Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Television

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If you ask a person on what the right size for a TV is, chances are that you’ll be getting a classic response: “the bigger, the better”. To be fair, the answer is not always the wrong one – the bigger the TV, the more viewing pleasure you are potentially getting. However, size is not the only thing to consider, and you might actually be doing yourself a big disfavour by buying a TV that’s either too small or too large for your needs. So how does one really decide on what size the TV should be? What are the factors to consider? Here is your absolute guide to choosing the perfect size for your television. There are various considerations that are to be kept when you are buying the television for your home.

Is bigger really better?

The simple answer is yes, of course it is. But, as with all simple answers, they often fall short. Other factors have to be considered, such as available space, seating distance, and your eyes. And let’s not forget the number of people who will be watching it – and their arrangement in the viewing room. It is obvious that large TV is always better than the smaller one. You can watch the screen from all directions. The screen will be much better and it can improve the way in which you watch the television.

Consider the various variables:

The viewing distance 

TelevisionThe viewing distance from the computer to the eye is very important to keep in mind, or else it can create lots of problems. The further away you sit from the TV, the smaller it appears. The closer you sit, the larger, but the more it can appear grainy as the pixels become more obvious. The recommended size of your screen (diagonal) is your seating distance multiplied by a factor of 0.84.

Your eyes 

Most TVs have a very high resolution, so it’s going to be hard to sit too close to the screen, and viewers can get a headache after too much exposure. It’s always best to keep a distance, especially for those with eye problems. Most of the children do suffer from eye problems when they sit very close to the television. It is really bad. Always sit at a distance from the TV to protect the eyes from harmful radiation.

The other members

You’ll need to make sure the viewing angle can accommodate all viewers – so buy a TV large enough to make everyone watching comfortable. Viewers may be spread out to the left and the right – but try to maintain a healthy viewing angle for everyone. Viewing angle is very important to measure to have a clear view. Nowadays, most of the televisions have flat screen enabling the viewers to see the picture from various angles.

So, to make it all a short story and to round it all up, it seems that the two rules are: the bigger the better as long as it doesn’t hinder your eyes and as long as all viewers agree with the choice. Truth is, it’s a reasonable argument and it seems silly to buy a small TV when a larger one gives you more pleasure. However, remember this: it’s not about size; it’s about clarity of image. It’s not about size, it’s about not causing harm to the eyes. It’s not about size, it’s about room dominance. Once you get those things figured out – go ahead and buy as big as your budget allows it. Bigger is better? Yes, if it doesn’t interfere with health and comfort. And, with this in mind, make sure the TV you choose is placed in a good AV media cabinet as well!

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Simon Hopes is a reputed author and he writes articles on various topics of home décor accessories and furniture. He suggests the users to buy AV media cabinet to place the television or the music players.

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