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Can Google Posts give Mileage to Sites in Organic and Paid Searches?

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Google is testing a new content platform that many say can provide sites huge mileage in getting a better exposure to web traffic. In fact, there are all possibilities of getting better rank for sites when they use “Posts with Google”. Available information point out that proper usage of “Google Posts” can hugely impact brand searches. In fact, the positive impact will not only be felt in the organic search but also in the paid search. This new aspect is gaining popularity among the SEO services in India. So, let’s have a closer look at what it is, what it intends to do, and how beneficial it is.

Google Posts

By the way, what are Google Posts?

Google Posts are the latest experimental features provided by Google. Per this feature, businesses as well as individuals can create content on Google directly. This created content can then appear on Google search result, which make the product’s or site’s discovery easier by their target audiences.

This should also be said at this point that “Google Posts” is not the formal name of the service. Till March 2016, no name was given to this feature. Google first came with the term “Google Posts” in the concerned home page.

Is there any connection of Google Page with US Presidential Election 2016?

Yes, there is a connection between the two. Google Posts was formally launched in January 2016. In fact, the launch was done especially to target the US presidential candidates. In the first attempt, the posts in that page appeared in format that looks like cards. Some of the leading search engine news and information sites called these US Presidential election based posts as “Candidate Cards”.

Businesses were allowed to use Google Posts only in March 2016, two months after the official launch during the US Presidential election. In fact, here too the posts are shown on search results in card formats, which are called by many reputed search engine sites as “Business Cards”. These business cards were shown on top of the search results and that’s why SEO services in India are keenly looking at it as the next biggest thing in search engine optimisation. However, available information on the business conversion aspect shows that the local businesses available through them were limited till now.

What is the official statement of Google is on “Google Posts”?

From the approach it seems Google is trying to enhance its social network reach through Google Posts. This project is important for them because of the simple fact that all the previous attempts in the social networking arena have either flopped or are on their way out. While Google buzz is now dead, Google plus is also not showing much upswing.

Google’s official statement says that they are allowing verified organisations as well as individuals to communicate directly with Google with the help of videos, images, and texts. With the help of these Google Posts they can directly reach out to millions of people who are looking for information about them. This is the reason why SEO services in India are trying to use Google Posts to their clients’ full advantage and bring business from it.

It has been found out that there is a waiting list for the businesses as well as individuals who want to use “Google Posts”. The interested people and businesses have to apply for it and there is already a long queue for that. However, it should also be said that applying for the same will lead to definitive approval of application. It is still on the discretion of Google to approve to approve or disapprove the application in the waiting list.

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