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5 Amazing Simple Ways to Use Digital Signage for Restaurants

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 Soon, restaurants around the world followed suit and started to use these signs that basically coerced the people to stop and take a look at them. Going by how well these eateries have benefited from the technological inclusion one can say that plenty of people did take notice! These have proved to be extremely useful with regards to attracting and retaining customers.

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1. Reducing the time patrons perceive they are waiting

Nobody likes to be kept waiting a long time in a queue just in order to buy some food. They can jolly well ditch that place and go somewhere else where the line is far lesser. People find the prospect of waiting for a long time in the lines an annoying one. Some people have even been known to lose it completely when they have to wait a long time in a line on an empty stomach. They feel like lions, eagerly waiting for the kill, but since they are behind other people law states that they have to wait their turn. However, restaurants do not want their customers to become angry and so they use digital displays in order to entertain their guests, who are waiting. They use pretty images and videos and that somehow reduces the time that guests perceive they have been waiting in order to get served.

2. Keeping everybody in line

Quite often in restaurants it is seen that when people have to wait a long time for some delicious food such as a juicy burger for example there can be some chaos and commotion. It has been seen that even grown-up people behave like children when they are hungry and this means that they just plain forget where they were standing in a line. This means that they steal others’ lines and that can lead to fights and fisticuffs galore! No restaurant would however want such incidents as they would give it a bad name. This is why restaurants use electronic displays just to make sure people know their place in the line and stay in proper order.

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3. Looking at the amazing offers 

It can so happen that your restaurant has a new dish to offer or it has some discounts that have been created to speed up the sale of products that are not faring so well. Well, the most convenient way in which you can get information of such a product or an offer is by displaying them on the digital signs in your restaurant. You can also use these boards to play your newest advert. You can also use images and videos in order to draw more people to your eatery. It is all the better if you can do such promotion during the happy hours.

That will draw in more customers, who are hungry and desperate for what you have to offer. This, by turn, will have a positive effect on your sales as well. So, in a way it will be a win-win situation for everyone concerned – the hunger of customers will be satiated while you will be pocketing quite a lot of money as a result.

4. Social media interaction 

These days, normally Instagram has become a platform where people put up photos of what they are eating, especially if it happens to be of the delicious variety. You can use your digital signs in order to play video messages that will encourage people to post photos of the dishes that they are eating at your restaurant. You can also ask them to use hashtags featuring your restaurant’s name or some other version of it by showing previous similar messages. This will ensure plenty of publicity for your dishes – the best ones, as well as the ones that are available on discount – and give you the chance of getting more customers. In fact, you can do one better by having your Instagram page on display and show the messages that they are putting on almost instantaneously.

5. Making the menu a star

You can easily use your digital signage in order to make your menu the star it deserves to be. You can broadcast it on the medium and this will enable people to see any new offering that you may have come up with. There could be a possibility that your best dish of the day keeps changing – in that case a digital sign would be the best way to inform people of the same. This way, they would not need to ask the waiter about the dish and they would be able to order it themselves. This is one position that every individual visiting a restaurant wants. You just need to go technological and see its effect on your sales.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Restaurants in the United States of America were among the first to notice the effects of digital displays and they virtually made this medium their own.

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