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5 Things to Consider While Buying Office Desktops

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You have given thought to the choice between desktop computers or laptops for your employees and decided on the former. There are many advantages to this route as desktops are much easier to upgrade, easier to maintain and you can get a lot more value for money. Most employees will have their own laptops anyway or at the very least, a smart mobile device that can probably handle just about anything they need to do when not at their desks.

Gaming PC

That was just the just the first decision, there are still many more to make. Buying office equipment, especially computers, is a costly exercise. The computer is the single most important tool the staff will use on a daily basis so it is vital that you spend wisely and get the best equipment you can within your budget.

Here are 5 things you need to consider while buying office desktops.

Mac or PC?

Prior to the computer decisions, ensure the environment is correct. You will need the correct chairs and desks in the office space.

Before even looking at the computer hardware, you need to decide on what operating system and platform you wish to run. If you are a Mac fan then Mac it is, there is no point trying to convince you otherwise. Apple kit is especially important if your company is involved in graphic design, music or video content and anything requiring hard-core graphics. If not, go for Windows. There is a reason they are the market leaders and have the lion’s share of the office computer market.

Whatever you decide, you have to stick to it and standardise. The two systems do not like to talk to each other and mixing them up will only lead to complications and added headaches.

  • Price

It can often be difficult to compare like with like. You have to look at the specs, added features, after sales support and warranty as well as preinstalled software and any additional licence fees.

  • Brand

Brand is a tricky aspect and there is a wide choice. A lot will come down to your budget, the specifications and the warranty on offer. Select a brand that has a good reputation in your market for quality as well as great after sales service.

  • Specifications

There are a lot of specs on the various choices but really three crucial elements to consider:

The Processor: or CPU determines the speed of the machine and is measured in Gigahertz (GHz). Depending on your applications, go for a minimum of 2.5 GHz. If you are intending to run certain programmes, especially graphics and video, a higher speed may be necessary.

RAM: or Random Access Memory is the short-term memory a computer uses as it operates. Larger RAM means faster speeds. It is measured in Gigabytes (GB), with 2 GB being the bare minimum; rather go for 4GB at least if your budget allows.

Hard Drive Capacity: The size or capacity of your hard disk drive or internal drive will determine how much data can be stored directly on the PC. Data could be videos, photos, music, documents and other types of files. With external SSD memory and cloud storage, hard drive capacity is becoming less relevant, but you will still want to go for at least 500 to 750GB.   

  • Warranty Coverage

The warranty relates to the guarantee from the manufacturer or seller regarding the condition of the computer you purchase. They can range from zero, to a month or up to 3 years. Make sure you read and understand the fine print as they can differ costly from one company to the next and cover various parts and labour charges. A good, comprehensive warranty will give you peace of mind with your purchase.

Do not rush into any decisions. Take the time to carefully consider the various options and speak to people with experience if necessary. Make sure that you are getting the best value for money while purchasing computers that will be up to your requirements and be suitable for at least the next 2 to 4 years.

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