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6 Must-Have Accessories for Your iPad

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There is nothing more exciting than opening that box and taking out your brand new, sleek and shiny iPad. It does not matter if it is your very first one or the latest upgrade of many; it is a moment to treasure. As powerful and brilliant as the iPad is, you will need a few well-chosen accessories to get the maximum potential out of your device.

Why iPad is necessary for your next meeting!

Let me take you through my top 6 must have accessories for your iPad.

  1. iPad Cases

Here you are literally spoilt for choice, with so many options to choose from. From the serious, practical functional cases to the fun and funky variety, you can take your pick.

If it is uncompromising protection you are after, you can’t get much better than the iPad Smart Case. Adding very little extra size, this cleverly designed case will protect your device at all times. It has a strong insert with exterior padding and a lining that will keep you screen scratch free.

For a more sophisticated look, while still getting exceptional protection, the Targus Hughes iPad Portfolio Slipcase is the answer. The twill lined, leather slipcase will keep your iPad safe and secure when not in use.

If you want extra convenience and functionality from your case, the Sena iPad Keyboard Folio will offer you a handy case with a built in Bluetooth keyboard.

  1. Invisible Shield

If you want to forgo the case or simply want extra screen protection, invest in an invisible shield. Once correctly placed on your screen, the Zagg, Inc shield is exactly what it says it is, invisible. Don’t let this deceive you however as it provides military-grade protection for your iPad screen. Over and above this, it also reduces the usual unsightly fingerprints. The invisible shield comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. 

  1. iPad Charging Adapter

We all know that feeling, just when you need it the most, the battery is running low. An iPad Charging Adapter can help you avoid this situation by enabling you to charge your device on any USB port. What a relief.

  1. Capacitive iPad Stylus

Sometime a brilliant innovation gets in the way of how we like to do things. I love the capacitive touch screen yet I often still want to be able to use a stylus. Well now you can. With the Capacitive Stylus, you can happily work with a stylus and not use your finger. Especially handy if you are wearing gloves and need to do work on your iPad.

  1. Compass Mobile Stand

There are a number of standard options for the iPad but none as light, small and functional as the simple yet effective Compass Mobile Stand. Weighing only 7 ounces and measuring 7 inches by 1 inch, when not in use you will not even notice you are carrying it. When needed, it will hold your device for easy typing or in an easel fashion.

  1. Car Seat Mountable Case

If you want to entertain children or passengers on a car trip, the Car Seat Mountable Case will securely attach your iPad to any car headrest. This will provide them with a full multimedia experience to entertain them with books, games, movies or music while you can drive in peace.

Well that was just a sample of a few of the many useful and exciting accessories to look out for to improve your iPad user experience. I know I could not live without them. Look around and you are guaranteed to find a few more you just have to have.

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