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Cool Android Wear Apps You Can Use Today

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Google is delaying the release of Android Wear 2.0 until next year, but that doesn’t mean the current lineup of Android Wear smartwatches are any less interesting. In fact, some of the latest wearables – including the Huawei Watch and 2nd Generation Moto 360 – are showing hints of what the future Android Wear apps will be able to do. While we wait for Android Wear 2.0 and the new generation of smartwatches to be released, however, let’s take a look at some of the cool Wear apps you can use today.

Android Wear Apps


Spotify is high on our list of cool Android Wear apps simply because it’s very intuitive. With Spotify playing from your phone, you can browse through playlists, search and play a particular song and of course have the ability to control playback from your wrist.

It is interesting to see how Spotify can squeeze playlists and playback controls into such a tiny screen, but the Wear version of this music streaming app works incredibly well. You no longer have to get your phone out just to switch to a more suitable playlist for the occasion.

Find My Phone

With the release of Android Wear, Android Device Manager can now locate your smartwatch and your smartphone. The features offered by ADM, however, are rather basic. If you want something more comprehensive or easier to use, then Find My Phone is the app to use.

When installed on your Android Wear smartwatch, Find My Phone can toggle a Search mode and make your phone ring. Once you have found your phone, you can tap on your smartwatch to turn Search mode off.

You can also turn the flashlight on, set the alarm, or even make the phone vibrate if you want to. There is also an option to turn the phone’s screen on to make searching for it in the dark easier to do.

InstaWeather for Android Wear

Getting accurate weather information when you’re using an Android Wear smartwatch is easy, thanks to InstaWeather for Android Wear. The smartphone version of this app is already among the best weather apps on the market. The smaller, Android Wear version is no different.

InstaWeather displays an interesting weather report that takes advantage of the smartwatch’s smaller screen. With a quick glance as you’re walking out the door, you can see if you need to bring the umbrella.


A lot of top app development companies are trying to develop better, more usable tools for Android Wear. Duolingo is among the best results we’ve seen so far. The app is designed to help you learn a new language quickly and effectively. The Android Wear version makes the challenge even easier to tackle.

With Duolingo installed on your Android Wear smartwatch, you can learn a new language no matter where you are. The app uses flashcards to make picking up new vocabulary very easy to do. You can learn the language of your choice while taking a bus ride or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Google Keep

We really can’t talk about the best Android Wear apps without talking about an app from Google: Google Keep. The note-taking app is very intuitive when used on a smartphone. You can quickly create a list, write down quick notes and even set a complete to-do list with pictures and URLs. The Android Wear version of the app makes all of that even easier to do.

Thanks to Google’s advanced voice recognition capabilities, you can now add a quick note just by talking to your smartwatch. You can also pull up an existing note – such as a shopping list you made earlier – and edit it on your watch.


Location tracking is a big part of Android Wear and its future, especially since we now have smartwatches with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS. Glympse is definitely an app to try if you want to share your location with friends and relatives.

Similar to the apps we talked about earlier, Glympse is also available for Android smartphones. The Android Wear version of the app, however, lets you see where your friends are – once they have allowed you to see their location – and share your own location. Setting up a coffee date after work or just tracking your parents and checking up on them is very easy to do with this app.

These are some of the coolest Android Wear apps you can use today. What about you? Which Android Wear apps are your favorite? Make sure to tell us the coolest Android Wear apps you’re using in the comments section below.

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