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The Dedicated Server Advantage

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Every day online business ventures are faced with a crucial decision to select the right hosting infrastructure. With the endless conflicting online views, attractive coupons and offers it’s easy to see why one may find themselves down the wrong path.

Before making a decision, if you have no idea what is needed then the smartest solution is to receive proper consulting from an established hosting provider.

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In this article, we’ll assume you’re one of the many professionals who care about their online presence. ‘Cost’ comes as a second deciding factor to you, following reliability and performance. With that said, let’s get started and talk about hostings cream of the crop.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Simply put, with Dedicated hosting you have exclusive access to a server with dedicated resources at all times. There is no sharing taking place here, at any given point you’ve got access to all the CPU power, Ram, and Disk Space that was allocated to you upon it’s purchase.

The typical Dedicated Server user has a website with high traffic and extensive content distribution.

Dedicated Benefits You Should Know About

“Sharing is Caring’’ – But Not With Hosting

It’s only natural that web entrepreneurs will do their best to keep costs low, this usually leads them down the path of Shared Hosting from the start.

Surely enough, some will find the consequential restrictions in resource availability to be the cause of their poor performance. At that point it’s time to move up in the hosting hierarchy and treat your business to the infrastructure it deserves.

Using a dedicated server will bring about a breath of fresh air as all resources promised to you from the start are fully dedicated to you. Surges in traffic can be unpredictable, and when the tsunami of visitors come knocking on your door you want to be prepared.  

Dedicated resources is synonymous with reliability and sustainability, and in a competitive online business environment these qualities cannot be overlooked. The most optimal solution is to go with a Dedicated managed solution where experienced engineers can take support your server’s functionality and configuration for you. A notable company to mention is EuroVPS, with a strong presence in Europe since 2004, they offer premium managed dedicated servers at a steal.

Infrastructure and Business Growth in Parallel

It can be hard to predict where your online venture will go, with the right SEO implementations and marketing moves, you can easily boost your traffic as the sky’s the limit. If you’re set on growing every month, a shared hosting solution or even VPS package can tie you down.

With a dedicated server, just like any physical machine, you can easily customize and upgrade your system at any time as the need arises.

The flexibility of a dedicated server makes it easy to create your very own hosting environment with your chosen applications and software to serve your needs. Moving to a dedicated solution is like buying the perfect tailored suit designed to your exact proportions, who wouldn’t love that?

Dedicated IP Address / Root Access

A serious advantage to Dedicated hosting is the fact you receive your own dedicated IP address. This will end the days of worrying about the activities of your neighbor in Shared Hosting, who might be spamming or at the receiving end of a  DDOS attack.

Why should your website’s page ranking suffer from the careless activities of others while you’re operating professionally?

Not to mention, if you have an eCommerce website you’ll definitely require an SSL certificate for security and payment processing purposes. Having your own Dedicated IP address should be considered an absolute requirement in this case to minimize your exposure any potential threats.

Root access is an added advantage over alternative hosting solutions, giving you the freedom to customize your system as you see fit. You have the full rights to install any application, script, software needed to run your business efficiently and effectively.

Final Take Away

Dedicated hosting plans do not necessarily come cheap, but the added benefits can certainly save you the cost of support and frustration ahead of time. In fact, in the long run you may ultimately save costs by using a dedicated server.

A true professional will know that the opportunity cost is far too great to overlook. If your goal is to run a website, capable of serving ever-growing traffic sustainable without any service interruption, a dedicated server is certainly for you.

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