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For Equipment Not Used Often Look Into a Rental Plan

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These are rather expensive to buy when only used occasionally. Customers can rent this type of DVR with the following terms and conditions:

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Rental Period 

Equipment is for rental on a weekly basis with a 2 week minimum. The rental period starts on the date the equipment is picked up and must be returned on the ending date of the rental period. The ending date is set by the customer in the rental agreement.

Other rental conditions

Customers will need to pre-pay the total amount of the first ordered rental period. Fees, sales and use taxes are also applied. Rental periods will be billed in monthly increments.

Delinquent payments

If any customer makes a payment late a fee will be charged. This late fee is a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $100 for each month. Fees and other charges mount up fast when you are late with rental payments. If you default on the rental agreement, the store has the right to end the agreement and take possession immediately of the equipment. All fees involved in this default will also be charged to the customer.

Delivery and Return

All equipment needs to be returned in person. The equipment needs to be in good operating condition when returned; normal wear and tear being the exclusion.


The equipment remains the property of the store and offered to customer only on a rental basis without an option to buy.


The store shall provide any routine maintenance or the recalibration of any equipment and will repair or replace any equipment item that is found to be defective during the rental period. Customer should contact the store before taking any type of corrective action or before returning the equipment to the store.

Take away point 

There are also other items in the rental agreement but the major point is that yes, they offer equipment for rental but if you are renting for long term it might be cheaper to ask if the store will finance the purchase of that equipment.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Just like many superstores, 42nd Street Photo also has rental plans for equipment that you might not use often but sometimes you do need to use. An example of this can be a professional DVR system that professional news people use.

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