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Import Lotus Notes Email In Outlook  For A Beneficial Approach

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With so many mail clients emerging in market to ease up the e-communication process, email conversion has become a useful mantra when it comes to switching from one application to another. For converting mailbox data from one email client to another, various email conversion tools are being introduced in the market that can be tested and utilized as per requirement. Here is a comparative study of Lotus Notes and Outlook is being done, elaborating that to import Lotus Notes email in Outlook, third party tool can be adopted for conversion to be successfully executed at personal and enterprise level

Import Lotus Notes Email

IBM Lotus Notes: Its Different Prospects and Advantages!

Lotus Notes is a desktop mail client that is specially designed for businesses and has facility for messaging as well as database management. This social collaboration service offers an advance interface for micro-blogging, for any file sharing directly from the inbox. Being the desktop email client, it gives a simplified platform for messaging, quick chat, feeds, contacts, calendars, RSS aggregators, wikis and much more.

Centralized Server for Database Storage: Notes has a database driven structure and have some unique benefits over other mail clients. As the database of Notes is stored on Domino Server, it gives organizations an advantage that the information of the entire enterprise as well as about individual user can be accessed from a centralized storage.

The database of Lotus Notes is centrally localized; it will help when there is any problem with the local machine of a particular user. If he switches to another workstation, he can again gain access over the database to maintain the work flow.

Protection of Notes Mailbox Database: The parameters set in Lotus Notes and Domino Server for security is quite powerful. Users are allowed to set different security levels on the database so that its unauthorized usage can be avoided. Moreover, its supports password protection and utilizes PROXY/internet security options. 

Likewise, there are other profitable features of the application like replication facility, workflow, calendar integration, document management etc which makes it a choice of various organizations worldwide. 

Microsoft Outlook: Its Qualities and Profits!

MS Outlook is counted amongst one of the finest and trustable desktop email client. Its quality of being simple yet fulfilled with number of features is the reason why this application is the choice of users for personal and professional users.  There are various qualities of this mail client that makes it an option for millions.

The Powerful Search Option: Every version of MS Outlook is embedded with Search option that helps users in searching for any of the mailbox item quickly, be it calendars, contacts, email etc. The filtering power of the application is commendable and renders users a wide accessibility over specific data at urgent times. 

Versatile Security Options: In simple words, Outlook offers protection against the predators that include junk emails and phishing mails. The capable default scanner for emails gives on-time alerts for the any non-reliable mail sender and automatically blocks the sender in critical situations.

Commendable Connectivity: When it comes to synchronization of Outlook data with mobile phones, it proves very promising. So, when you have the freedom to access mailbox data on phone, life gets simpler as you get the power to open the data and share it whenever, wherever required. In short, Outlook becomes your portable planner. 

Lotus Notes and Outlook Face-Off: Which is Better?

The qualities of both the applications are discussed in the section above. A comparative study concludes that both of them are equally capable and embedded with features to fulfill user requirement.  However, there are certain factors that are responsible for affecting the overall productivity of the organization rather than the features. Below mentioned are some of the crucial factors that are responsible for the rising need for import Lotus Notes email in Outlook.

  • First is the price factor. The overall cost that is required for installation and maintenance of Lotus Notes is very high in comparison to Outlook. 
  • Second, the collaborative working of Outlook as client with Exchange as Server is better and inexpensive than Domino Lotus Notes.
  • Third, to work with Outlook, it is not necessary that you have to connect with Server while with Lotus Notes; Server connection is the mandatory condition. 
  • Operating Outlook is simpler than Lotus Notes. The interface of Outlook is simpler and thus a non-technical user can utilize its services with ease while Notes is sophisticated to operate.

So when an application has advantage of over, most of the organizations think of migrating from Outlook to Lotus.

Role of Email Migration in Application Changeover!

When email clients are changed, to migrate data from one application to another, it becomes necessary that the mailbox data storing file formats are converted. This process is called email migration. To import Lotus Notes email in Outlook, NSF file is to be converted to PST file format. 

Such conversions are generally the need at organizational level and thus it is necessary that bulk data migration mode is selected. Therefore, the best solution for database migration comes out to be third party tool

Amongst the various solutions available online for the process to convert NSF to PST, the most reliable one and acclaimed for perfection is Export Notes software. The reason why this tool is being ranked in the list of Notes database conversion solutions is its simple interface and its quality features that are large in number. 

Microsoft Outlook beats Lotus Notes when it comes to having qualities to prove profitable to organizations. So, owing to the drawbacks of Lotus Notes, when there is need to import Lotus Notes email in Outlook, it is recommended to opt for third party software that supports complete migration and supports bulk data transfer with accuracy maintained.

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