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Motorcycle Safety Guide – What You Need To Know

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Even though motorcycles account for less than 1 in 50 of all licensed vehicles on Irish roads, 1 in 8 of road deaths are motorcycle users. In the last five years we have lost 121 motorcyclists on the road. It is clear that something needs to change or this figure will not be reduced.

The first place to look is at how motorcyclists can protect themselves on the road. Gear won’t stop you from crashing, but it could help to save your life. If you’re a motorcyclist, you simply must wear a proper helmet, clothing and accessories. This is the absolute bare minimum requirement.

When you’re out on the road you must ensure that you are vigilant. Remember that you are one of the most vulnerable people on the road so taking extra precaution is even more important. Take riding safety courses if you feel you need them – it could save your life.

Understanding the different hand signals on the road is also vital – know what each hand signal means. Interestingly, car drivers often have issues understanding these signals, so it is important that everyone on the road understands them – not just motorcyclists. This includes even pedestrians who will generally be far less sure of what a motorcyclist’s hand signals mean compared to other road users.

Of course, one of the most basic bits of safety advice for all motorcyclists is to keep your speed down. Speeding gives you far less time to react, and for motorcyclists, especially, a mistake is generally fatal.

Check out this infographic from Hussey Fraser which outlines everything motorcyclists need to know about staying safe on the road.

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